The Rug Lane Clothing Markets started in 2013 in Australia as a group of friends trying to sell some of their beloved clothes to make some money and move overseas. Aptly named after the location (a laneway next to a rug shop....), the markets started as a way to ensure gorgeous secondhand clothes could go onto other happy homes. The friends soon went their separate ways across the globe but over time realised it was harder to keep connected through their love of music, fashion and culture while being so far apart in new environments.


From the markets, Rug Lane, the concept destination, was formed. Just as laneways are popularly used to house coffee shops, clothing stores, music venues and bars, Rug Lane is a place to go to get your fix of music, fashion and lifestyle. We provide readers with what they didn't realise they were missing - new music, pop culture and fashion included.

Rug Lane isn’t just an online site. We don’t have a fixed address which gives us the freedom to pop up wherever we like across the globe. We apply that laneway concept to whatever we do. We put on intimate events in spaces encompassing the things we love - whether that be a gig, a vintage clothing market, an art event or just a really good party.

Check out the Rug Lane Markets project from Hong Kong here.

Currently creating in Sydney and London. 


BG Dunk

Founder, Editor and Event Manager

Current Location: Sydney

Style icons: anyone who expresses their true self

3 items always in my handbag (besides the essentials): Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream, my camera and a book!

Favourite cuisine: Japanese

Spirit Animal: Elephant

You’ll find me on the weekend: Reading in the sun, walking my dog and always with a Bloody Mary in hand on a Sunday (it's important to start the week off right!)

Peigi Mackilliop

Style Director, Writer and Event Manager

Current Location: London

Style icons: All the images in my style saved Instagram folder

3 items always in my handbag (besides the essentials): Burt’s Bees tinted lip balm, my Diary, reusable shopping bag (say no to plastic!)

Favourite cuisine: Mexican
Spirit Animal: Flamingo
You’ll find me on the weekend: Exploring the city with my camera in hand during the day and on the dance floor listening to tech house at night.