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our mantra

At Rug Lane we have an inherent desire to create and enable a more socially, environmentally and economically friendly world. We live this mantra through two key approaches: Education and Action


We use our platform to educate ourselves and our community on global issues around social, sexist and racial injustice in the world of fashion, music and culture. We also use our platform to educate ourselves and our community on the global issues we face with the environment and our planet and how we can make a difference in the world of music, fashion and culture. 


Community is at the heart of Rug Lane. We have always been for the community and by the community and continue to support local initiatives and sustainable champions and ethical companies in our efforts. We do this through various projects including our local Rug Lane Markets, building our ever growing network of diverse global creative contributors and through encouragement of our readers and community to strive for more.   

The mental health and wellbeing of our team, community and customers is a big priority for us. We support each of these groups through our online community as well as supporting causes we’re passionate about. We don't support online harassment/ abuse, body shaming, sexist or racial harassment. 

Things we do on a daily basis with a sustainable mindset: 

  • Reducing plastic use and minimising our impact on the planet - we take simple steps each day to reduce our impact and reduce use of plastic. We do things such as reusing coffee cups, banning single use plastic and using products in our office with recyclable plastic. 

  • Check in on each other - we check in on our team to ask how they are and make sure they are ok. We create a supportive environment to share how we are feeling for everyones wellbeing

Rug Lane is a small business driven by determination, passion and a love for community. We are not perfect and sometimes we make mistakes too because hey, we're all human. We are committed to sustainability and social responsibility and we are always open to learning new things and new ways to become more environmentally and socially friendly in our processes and choices. If you have any comments on how we operate or have ideas how we can create a better world together, contact us here!​

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rUg LANE events

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The Rug Lane Markets and Events are run locally to support our local communities. We aim to educate on the issues of sustainability through our events and create socially inclusive and positive event spaces where anyone is welcome. These events are about bringing people together to create community with a like minded vision. 

Sustainability is at the core of our markets where we help enable the community to resell and revive second hand and vintage items to avoid them going to landfill. We also support local businesses with a sustainable and ethical focus by setting up additional stalls at our markets for them to showcase and sell their amazing products. In the past this has included stalls for ethical tea brands, recycled plastic wallets and local breweries. 

Some simple things we do to be more socially and environmentally focused in our processes include:

  • Zero printing - all tickets sold online and we don't print any paperwork

  • Reducing single use plastic where we can

  • Promotion of BYO cups for drinks through discounted tickets to reduce waste

  • We reuse all our stall equipment including racks, boxes and balloon holders

  • We support local communities by donating any leftover clothes and accessories to local donation groups who support vulnerable people in our community

  • We support local mothers in need through raised donations at the Hong Kong events. 


The Rug Lane online shop strives to be sustainable and environmentally conscious in all our decision making and processes from how we make our products, to how we sell and deliver them.

We only sell products on our online store that are either secondhand items, vintage items or new items with a conscious focus. All our secondhand and vintage items online are hand picked by our team and carefully sourced and selected locally to be good quality pieces that will endure a longer and happier life. We wash the sourced items in cold water with natural products before they are ready for sale. 

Reducing plastic use and minimising our impact on the planet by creating more sustainable product are a big focus for us and we take relevant steps to get better every day. Our Rug Lane merchandise is embroidered locally in Marrickville, Sydney and picked up on foot by our team. Our T-shirts are made by AS COLOUR who have a strong social and environmental focus in their making (details can be found here). We check the quality of our products with our embroidery partners and any product that is not suitable to be sold or donated will be recycled and will not end up in landfill.

When we post items we don't include unnecessary paper and cardboard such as tags and invoices. We personally post the items and don't outsource in order to not add additional hands and energy to the process. We aim to reduce our impact through recycled packaging and ​prioritise shipping production by the sea or road rather than by air to reduce  environmental impact.​​

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