Thinking about buying a seller’s ticket at the Rug Lane Vintage and Secondhand Markets to sell your secondhand and vintage clothing and accessories?


We have compiled a list of information about how the event will run and what you’ll need to do to prepare for the day.

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How the event will work

You will arrive and need to set up your designated rack or table with your clothes and accessories. You will sell your own items and receive all the money from the sales. Rug Lane do not take any commission from the sales. When the event finishes you will need to help pack up your rack (or table) and area before leaving.


What does a sellers ticket for Rug Lane Vol 6 get me?

Each seller ticket gets you:

1 x rack space to sell you clothes and accessories + 1 drink (on 1 person rack) or 2 drinks (on 2 person rack)

* 2 person rack tickets are just 1 rack to be shared by 2 people - not 2 racks! This is a cost effective way to sell if you don't have enough to fill a full rack. If you are one person buying a 2 person rack, we will not refund the difference as the spaces are allocated as such. 


Can I share the rack or table with another person?

Yes - you can sell as one person on a rack or share a rack with someone you've arranged prior to come with you.


If you wish to sell as 2 people on a rack, you must purchase a 2 PERSON RACK ticket. You will not be allowed to have 2 people on a rack if you purchase a 1 PERSON RACK ticket. Choose your option carefully when you purchase your ticket.


We do not match people to 2 person racks. If you buy a 2 person rack it is assumed you have arranged your co-seller. 


Seller Ticket Options:

Regular rack  - 1 person - maximum of 1 person

Regular rack - 2 person - maximum 2 person

Table Ticket Medium - 1 person on table 160cm x 48cm

Table Ticket Large  - 1 person on table 160cm x 63cm

Rack and Table Guidelines:

Once you have purchased a seller ticket, you will need to email us the names of the seller/s on your rack or table including the name you booked the ticket under.


What can you sell?

We want to help you sell those great pieces in your wardrobe you don’t wear anymore and those pieces you just bought and forgot about but have nowhere to store. We do need to provide a standard for the event however so read through the list of the things you will and won’t be able to sell on the day.


Things you CAN sell

  • Vintage Clothing - Must be wearable & in good condition

  • Modern Clothing - Must be high quality and preferably on trend

  • Shoes - as long as they are not falling apart or dirty

  • Accessories such as handbags, wallets - in good condition

  • Jewellery - must be wearable and in good condition

  • Vinyl in good condition


Things you WON'T be able to sell

  • Second hand swimwear

  • Second hand undergarments including bras and underwear

  • Second hand exercise gear

  • Shoes that are unwearable or falling apart

  • Heavily stained, damaged or soiled clothing

  • Well worn items that are falling apart

  • Stained, damaged or soiled accessories such as handbags and wallets


Rug Lane provides the following at the event:

  • Stools

  • Clothing racks

  • Water


What you will need to bring:

You will need to bring along the following:

  • Coat hangers for all of your clothes

  • Cash so you can give change to your customers

  • Price Tags

You will be allowed to bring a small basket or bucket for sale items if you wish. Please consult Rug Lane before bringing though. We do not have space at the upcoming markets for tables but welcome to bring boxes to sit things on if you like. You will not be allowed to bring extra racks or tables


Time, Date and Venue

There are currently no upcoming events.  


Where can I buy a ticket?

Tickets for buyers and sellers can be purchased through our shop. There are currently no upcoming events.