A case of that dreaded Monday Morning-itis? As we begin the last week of September which has been all about listening and learning, we decided to compile a list of our favourite podcasts subscriptions to help you get through the weekly grind.

1. Serial (Season 1)

Cult favourite Serial is a good start for all those podcast virgins out there. Season 1 is a murder mystery case from 1999 told week by week involving a bunch of then high school kids and the disappearance of a young girl. Warning, you won’t feel satisfied by the end of this series and you will be forever frustrated by the story but it’s a good conversation starter with other enthusiasts to debate your theories on what happened. Also, no need to bother with Season 2, it's not as good as the first.

Worst place to listen: Anywhere alone at night or before bed because you won’t be able to sleep your brain will be working in overdrive trying to solve the mystery.

2. Oh Boy by Man Repeller

Jay Buim is one cool guy. He just comes across as a geeky, film nerd who is filled with random facts about random things. He does a weekly segment for Man Reppeller where he interviews interesting women (mainly from New York) about their lives, where they grew up and how they got to do what they do. He is genuinely interested in all the women and their stories which makes it a really great listen.

Ideal listening time: Sitting down having a coffee and when you need some work and life inspiration.

3. My Dad Wrote a Porno

It’s just f*cking funny. Jamie Morton is joined by his university mates James and Alice as they read through a chapter each week of Jamie’s father’s self published porn “erotica” novel Belinda Blinked (shortened title). Not erotic in the slightest but they have a huge Belinda cult following. I binged the entire first season in a day a few months back and I’m warning you won’t be able to stop yourself listening even through all the cringe worthy moments.

Worst place to listen: At your desk at work / when trying to get anything productive done because it’s so distractingly funny. Also don’t listen on a night time flight when people are trying to sleep. You will be laughing out loud so hard people will think you’ve lost your marbles and be telling you to shut the f*ck up.

4. Girlboss

Girlboss author, Nasty Gal founder and all around girl boss advocate Sophia Amoruso has a weekly podcast where she interviews other girl bosses and asks them about their journeys. Maybe it was just me but I found this podcast a little hard at the start because of Sophia's strong californian accent but once I got used to it I found myself ploughing through the episodes and feeling super inspired by so many of the women.

Best place to listen: On a flight or in the morning to get you perked up and inspired for the day.

5. NPR: All Things Considered

For the music lovers out there, Bob Boilen has been around for what seems like an eternity. He has seen everyone and been to every gig in america in the last 100 years. Ok maybe he isn’t that old... but along with Robin Hilton and other occasional guests he has been doing this podcast/ radio hour for 16 years where the guys come in weekly to give some great insight into new music you should listen to, old music you should be educated on and all sorts in between.

Ideal place to listen: It’s an easy show to listen to while working if you like working with music and listening to the radio.

6. The Moth

If you haven’t heard of The Moth, it’s a series of shows held around the world to give people an opportunity to tell a story in front of a live audience. Lena Dunham’s character attends one of the events in the last episode of Season 5 of the series Girls if you can recall. Each podcast episode is a selection of a few Moth performances from moth series all over. Some make you laugh, some will pull at your heart strings but they all leave a mark on you in some way or another.

Best place to listen: Commuting

7. Song Exploder

Each episode of Song Exploder invites a musician or band takes apart one of their songs and explains the process of making the song and some facts about how it all came together.

Good episodes to start with: Peter Bjorn and John, Andrew Bird and Courtney Barnett

8. You Must Remember This

I’ve always loved biographies, especially the weird ones. Charles Manson is certainly a definition of weird. You Must Remember This is a podcast about the first 100 years of Hollywood. It tells the forgotten tales of people and stories that happened during that era including insights into Frank Sinatra, Joan Crawford, Howard Hughes, Barbra Streisand and as it happens, Charles Manson and his link to Hollywood during the 1960’s. The twelve part series on Manson as part of this podcast was fascinating to listen to. The ins and out of what happened, who was connected to who and how it all really came together. With over 90 episodes released of the podcast series, there is plenty here to keep you busy once you're done with the Manson series.

Worst place to listen: Like Serial, this series will get in your head so listening before bed isn’t a good idea unless you want some really messed up dreams.

9. Garance Dore: Pardon my French

Garance is one gorgeous sounding french woman. What french woman isn’t cute though? Dore grew up in Corsica and started a lifestyle fashion blog around 10 years ago. Her podcast is like her guilty pleasure where she talks about things she loves, hot topics and people she admires.

Where to listen: PMF is great while getting ready in the morning or for something stimulating while making dinner.

10. Stuff You Should Know

Josh and Chuck have a platform to educate common people on How Stuff Works. They’ve covered topics from how chocolate works to how pet psychics work.

Best listening time: Great for a commute or to fill your lunch break