We all know someone with so much Christmas spirit it just makes us puke a little. Sure Christmas is nice, you get to celebrate the year with your loved ones, whether it’s family or friends, or as I did two years ago, alone on Christmas day in a cold Hong Kong, my pyjamas, a packet of tim tams and a Bridget Jones’ Diary/ Love Actually medley repeat. But what about those gawd awful Christmas Carols that pop up every year? I’m a fan of the greats, give me Ella Fitzgerald, The Jackon's and Sinatra but it seems over the years just about everyone has thrown their hat in the rink to do their own version of a Christmas carol.

For those just tuning into Christmas as we are here, we’re counting down the 10 Worst Christmas Songs by bands we thought we loved and respected. We’re not talking Mariah, Elton or Mr Tom Jones who are all seasoned artists, we are talking about those bands who just should never have stepped into the realm of Christmas carols. Whether it was their manager telling them they need to boost sales before the new year or perhaps they were bored and “thought it would be fun” or maybe they were too drunk they don’t even remember recording it themselves, we don’t know why they did it. All we can say is we hope they disappear into a black hole along with the rest of 2016.

5. The Wombats - Is This Christmas?

It just doesn't make any sense...why??? Overall horrible but I’ll give The Wombats this, if you didn’t understand English you would just thinks it sounded like a normal Wombats song with some bells thrown in for effect.

4. Hanson - Run Rudolph Run

Headline should read '90s Teenage heartthrobs fallen off the ladder'. It's just awful!

3. Destiny's Child - 8 Day of Christmas

I find it hard to believe these three ladies were ‘struggling’ for money at this time so why on else would they agree to do this horrific song?

2. RUN DMC - Christmas in Hollis

Don't know who's great idea this was but they should have been stopped earlier.

1. The Killers - Don't Shoot Me Santa

For starters the title is pretty out there for a Christmas carol but wait until you hear this atrocity! Ain't no Mr Brightside no more - this is Mr Morbid with twist of Sam’s Town and we just hated every second of it!

Let us know if you can think of any more terrible songs for this list

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