So you’ve decided to move, packed up your suitcase(s), stressed over the excess baggage weight at check in and finally (after some pleading with the airline hostess to remove extra charges) hopped on the plane. What now? You end up in a country far from home thinking this is it, I’ve done it? The confusion and then sometimes doubt ultimately sets in at a point when you are trying to figure out how to get started. How do you find an apartment? Where do you go for the best dim sum? Where do you find like minded people to hang out with? Where the hell do you buy pots and pans from? Am I the only one in this crowd of people who doesn't have my sh*t together?

Whether you’ve been living abroad for fifteen minutes or fifteen years Rug Lane is somewhere you can read about (and hopefully relate to) the ups and downs of living abroad. Connect with other people’s stories, compare your experience to someone else’s and stay in tune with things that are happening. Rug Lane is a place to discover music, art and fashion abroad because sometimes you can feel so detached from it all in a new place. Rug Lane is not meant to be taken as a ‘how to guide’, but rather somewhere to realise you’re not the first or the only one doing it. Let’s face it, I’m 100% positive every girl reading this who has moved to Asia has been in a panicked situation, afraid of crapping her pants, and wondering where the location of the nearest toilet because those chillies just really don't agree with our western stomachs all the time. Rug Lane is a place to talk about those moments you got through and somewhere to laugh about it all.

So here’s to you who made it to your new home and we hope you find something from Rug Lane which makes that move all the easier.

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