Cleanse, Tone and Moisturise - the three golden steps for healthy skin. This month at Rug Lane we are taking these tried and tested rules for skin care and applying them to our day to day lives, finding ways to cleanse and de clutter, tone, strengthen and hydrate our whole beings.


As we head into November, we think now is as good a time as any to start getting rid of the crap in our lives before the new year quickly rolls around. The Chinese are adamant on tying up loose ends before the Chinese New Year. They finalise bills, pay off debts, clean the house and get prepared to go into the new year with no leftover tasks or baggage. We are all for applying this ideology of entering the new year with a cleansed house, body and mind so this month we as we swap the winter and summer wardrobes over, we are focusing on removing those items we don’t need or wear, getting our finances in order and making time to remove any baggage we are holding onto.


This step is all about tightening, strengthening and firming, not necessarily the abs and the butt (although that would be nice), it’s about working on strengthening your life. Work on those friendships that need some TLC, put in that extra effort at your job if you’ve been slacking off lately or maybe just mend anything that needs mending. Make changes to your day to day that will benefit your mental and physical health in both the short and long term.


Probably the most important step in the process, moisturising is all about hydrating and feeding your body the nutrients it needs. Similar to watering plants, we also need to feed ourselves good nutrients to survive. If we do the other steps but forget to moisture it can all be for nothing. We can apply the rule holistically by being mindful of what we put in our bodies, refuelling properly, drinking plenty of water, letting our eyes see the sunlight, getting that vitamin D and making sure we get the blood flowing around the body by exercising regularly.

This month we have the inaugural Rug Lane Vintage and Secondhand Clothing and Accessories Markets at Ethos Gallery (November 12) which is a perfect opportunity for people to apply that cleansing step, de clutter their wardrobes and remove all that excess stuff taking up prime real estate space. It will be a fun Saturday afternoon where you come hang out with us, shop, cleanse and support a sustainable clothing movement here in Hong Kong.

On the site this month you can have a read up why sustainable fashion and recycled clothing is beneficial to our society and discover the next instalment of Things I’ve Learnt as A Single White Girl in Hong Kong. Check out the November playlist, all in preparation for this years killer Clockenflap Festival and our Band of The Month, the gorgeous guys from Iceland, Sigur Ros. We will be giving live updates on twitter and instagram (@ruglane) throughout the three day festival and giving some festival style tips during the month.

So get up, get out, cleanse, tone and moisturise with us this November.

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