As women, we have been taught by society for centuries to be poised, together, feminine and womanly. Men are supposed to be strong, unemotional and straight laced. As working women, and men, we are all seemingly expected to not show emotion or weakness, we are supposed to be powerful and we are not supposed to let anyone see that life can get in the way of things sometimes. There is pressure as a woman from both sides to be a certain way and unfortunately there is no winning and no such solution in site. I mean, look at what’s happening in America at the moment. A prime example of a man and a woman fighting for a top job. For some people, Hillary is seen to be weak because she was ill, unfit because she is older, inadequate because she is a woman. Even if she was younger and fitter, wouldn't they then argue that she was too young and inexperienced? Can't her previous credibilities be counted for anything? And doesn't her aptitude of vulnerability in the public eye give her any merit? Look at the email scandal for example, she gave herself up completely to be vulnerable to the people, knowing well that she would suffer in some way.

This month at Rug Lane we are exploring where there is room for vulnerability in today's society and why we should value vulnerability in a both women and men. We are looking at the value of vulnerability in our professions, our relationships and sometimes just to strangers. We want to know why are we not allowing ourselves be vulnerable in some situations and how can we benefit in these areas, and in these relationships, by allowing ourselves to be more vulnerable? What are somethings we can tweak in our lives that allow us to be more vulnerable? Bear in mind we're not talking being naive or unaware here. There is a difference between vulnerable and naive and there is a difference between putting yourself in a situation where you are vulnerable to physical harm and putting yourself in a situation where you are emotionally vulnerable. Yes sometimes the two can go hand in hand, but we are talking about the value of being emotionally vulnerable in today’s world.

We have an article on The Kims, Kim Gordon of Sonic Youth and Kim Deal of the Pixies, discussing their vulnerability as women in the rock industry over the last 30 years. You should also keep your eyes peeled for the second instalment of Things I’ve Learnt as a Single White Woman In Hong Kong.

This month we couldn’t decide which artists/band we are listening to at the moment to feature so for an October special we are doing a feature on both and artist and a band of the month. You’ll have to tune in to see who they are soon. In the meantime, subscribe to our October mixtape for some great monthly tunes and you can also sign up for our monthly newsletter at the bottom of the page.

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