You will rarely find me walking around without my noise cancelling ( f*ck off) headphones glued to my ears. Lately I'm usually lost in Frank Ocean's new album Blond(e) or Blood Orange's Freetown Sound or pissing myself at the latest My Dad wrote a Porno podcast episode. Friends have been subtly telling me that I’ve developed a habit of starting my sentences with “the other day I was listening to a podcast about…”. Yes, I've subsequently been hailed the Queen of Podcasts among those people sick of hearing about my latest discoveries but there's a whole world of information out there online to listen to on the go. One of my favourite podcasts ‘Oh Boy’ by Jay Buim for Man Repeller is just Jay interviewing a whole bunch of incredibly interesting women from all over the globe. He really get’s into finding out how they got to do what they are doing and more importantly how they got to be where they are now... like really… how the hell did they start their companies or land that awesome job?!?

This month at RL we are focusing on listening and learning. Whether it’s learning new skills at work, listening to podcasts and learning from them, listening to new music or learning about how others landed their jobs, it’s all about taking the time to listen and absorb the knowledge. We want to learn from other’s experiences, listen to people’s stories, learn when to try, and sometimes, learn when to just quit.

We have a great first interview this month for our series 'How Did You Get Here'. We also have our first segment on ‘Things I've learnt as a Single White Female Living in Hong Kong’ as well as a piece on the new Crystal Castles Version 2.0 and our Artist of the Month Mr Dev Hynes aka Blood Orange.

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