Trying to figure out what to do with all those winter clothes now it's heating up? Our City Slicker this week, Ann Krembs is giving us a DIY masterclass on turning that winter dress into the perfect spring outfit.

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1. First step, find a long sleeve dress or tee preferably in a cotton fabric with a little bit of stretch.

2. Simply pin and cut off the neck line and shoulders to create an off the shoulder look. Before cutting, try the shirt on and make a marking markings as to wear you’d like to cut. Add an inch up from the cut marking for the hem.

3. You can choose to keep the sleeves long or cut the sleeves to a desired length. Again, add an inch for the hem after the desired length for sewing.

4. Now, sew the hems under. This could be done by hand, with a sewing machine, or even with the assistance of a tailor.

5. If by chance, the dress or top is now too big, there’s an easy fix: create a center seam down the back and take in the appropriate amount of inches in to make the item fit and presto, you’ve taken that winter dress and made it ready for spring!

TIP: Don't have an old dress to turn? This DIY could also be done with that long sleeve tee you’d like to keep wearing on into the spring and summer.

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