During a recent dinner outing, I was presented with a fortune cookie at the end of the evening that stated “Don’t worry about going slow, worry about standing still”. This really struck me as someone who is always on the go. It got me thinking about the world we live in now, the immediacy of it all, the fear of stopping and how we always seem to be looking to the future - trying to find the next best thing.

Somewhere between Woodstock and the rise of the smartphone we found ourselves in a culture where people can’t be satisfied in the here and the now. Glued to devices reading about upcoming trends in tech, fashion and business. I'm no exception. So this month we've decided to do some forward thinking ourselves at Rug Lane. Looking at discovering what's ahead, working out what we want for our futures and some goal setting in between.

We have some City Slickers to feature this month who encompass that forward planning. Those that haven’t become overnight successes, but rather worked hard over time with a goal in mind. We're looking at upcoming artists, upcoming albums and a monthly mix tape about Moving In The Right Direction - whatever that may be.

So tune in with us, create some forward planning lists of your own and take a bigger plunge into 2017 as we hit April.