Welcome to the New Year v2. Having just celebrated CNY we’ve decided to take on a customary approach to the year of the Rooster - get sh*t done for yourself!

Perhaps at the start of the ‘official’ calendar year you made some new goals, decided you needed a new outlook on life, gave up booze...? This month we’re exploring the DIY concept - doing it for yourself and making those goals happen. Whether it’s personal admin or a creative craft project you’ve wanted to start for ages - this is the month to get on top of that to do list and those side projects whatever they are. We’re talking DIY music, DIY Style and DIY life.

Who said the bassist can’t make it on his own? We interviewed Ed Nash, former bassist of Bombay Bicycle Club, on his current project Toothless, Rug Lane’s Band of The Month for February. Talking home studio renovations, recording and gardening, we asked him about life post Bombay Bicycle Club and a potential tour to Hong Kong.

We have some great City Slickers this month -from fitness gal Alexandra Mount, local handbag designer Tink Wong, Blogger and DIY enthusiast Ann Kremb and local brewery owner Dan Gallie you’re bound to be inspired.

Keep an eye out for the Weekly Style Vibes, Tune in Tuesday playlists and join the discussion on what DIY projects you’re up to this month!