Here at Rug Lane we’ve stuffed our faces with all we can over the last few weeks and finally closed a door on the year that was 2016. Bring on 2017 we say, the year of the rooster is upon us!

This month we’re embracing the style of the rooster as we enter a new moon. Ok, that comes across like I’m trying to be the next Psychic Rita or something telling you Saturn’s about to be in Uranus , watch your spending and the grass is greener on the other side... but don’t close down just yet, it’s quite simply that CNY starts on the new moon cycle. So why should we embrace our inner rooster you might ask? Well the rooster is a symbol of a new dawn, an awakening, which perhaps is what many would say we need after what 2016 brought. Said to be hardworking, resourceful, courageous and talented, roosters are confident people who go after what they want. Taking these traits forward this month, we’re looking at how we can tweak various aspects of our lives to feel more confident in our talents, our work and ourselves, ways in which we can be more hardworking and resourceful, whether in our jobs or our relationships, and ways we can show more courage, take that leap of faith, do something we’ve been saying we’ll do for a long time. Basically we also just like the idea that if the first few weeks of 2017 aren’t planning out like we’d hoped for, we have an excuse to start all over again at the end of the month. On a side note, in chinese tradition, your birth year is said to be your unluckiest, so for those roosters out there, try not to feel too disheartened, 2017 might be a little tougher for you and for that, we show our empathy in advance (*queue small violin).

We’ve got a whole bunch of things stuffed up our sleeves this year and excited to share with you all in due time. A new month means new mixtapes and a new feature band, and what better group to feature this month than The XX who are due to drop their third record, I See You, on January 13th. Keep an eye out for more City Slickers and our Weekly Style Vibes and Tune In Tuesday segments. Some say CNY is the best time of the year for house hunting in HK as you’re bound to get a bargain, so we’ve gathered up some some tips and tricks for those searching for a new flat this month. Don’t forget you can subscribe to our mailing list to get a monthly wrap up of what’s been on the site in the last month and follow us @ruglane on instagram and twitter to keep an eye on what we’re up to.

2017, time to cock-a-doodle do things and get them done!

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