FKA Twigs is one of those women you want to get to know! Artist, musician and pole dancing goddess fogged by mystery who lets her art speak for itself. We uncovered 10 things about our artist of the month you might not know.

1. FKA Twigs real name is Tahliah Debrett Barnett and she's from a small country town outside Cheltenham in the UK.

2. Her biological dad is Jamaican and her mother was a gymnast and dancer from Spanish decent - probably where FKA get's her moves from.

3. She was quite the intellect and won a scholarship to go to a private school when she was a child.

4. The name Twigs comes from a running joke with her friends about how her bones crack...

5. At 17 she moved to London to pursue a career as a dancer and she's worked as a back up dancer for Kylie Minogue, Ed Sheeran and Jessie J.

6. Her EP, aptly titled EP1, dropped when she was 23 then she then released her first studio album LP1at 25.

7. She stars in her first film this year, Honey Boy, from a screen play by Shia LaBeouf, inspired by his childhood and his relationship with his father.

8. Her latest tour is titled Magdalene, a piece where the performances were inspired by a concept with the name of ‘Gesamtkunstwerk’, roughly translated as ‘total work of art’. She sings, dances, a works the pole while also performing Chinese martial arts, and wearing exquisite Baroque-inspired costumes.

9. She undertook 18 months of physical training including pole dancing and aerobics to create the clip she dreamt about for 'Cellophane'.

10. When recording 'Cellophane' she was inspired by the 70s Gunne Sax dresses - "in the 70s there was a period where the fashion was quite medieval. There was this brand called Gunne Sax... I went to a vintage fair and found this one dress, it was a white medieval dress. I just lived in it. I lived in that one dress for ages" (Double J)

All images from FKA Twigs Instagram @fkatwigs