Image from @lillian.beth

Not sure about you, but we're feeling a bit sluggish over here at Rug Lane as we glide into August. It's been a series of drinks (a few too many), that winter cold down under and some mental ups and downs that we're hoping to kick this month. Join us on our Health Kick month as we get back on our feet, open our minds and prepare to reshape - mind, body and soul.

So what exactly is involved in this health kick? Well, we're exploring mental, physical and sexual health this month, looking at the impact of social media, benefits of meditation and getting active. We're reviewing some products that might help you out with your health (yes sex health too) and asking you as our readers to give us your recommendations as well.

Read all about our Muse of the Month, the inspirational Mia Kang, and our Artist of the Month, King Princess. Browse the latest collection from Outdoor Voices, our Brand of the Month, and find your self reading some saucy books...

Time to check in with yourself, retune and kick butt this month.