Look up fashion and you’ll see that Australian brands are hot right now.

The birthplace of Rug Lane isn’t just about uggs, cork hats and Ripcurl. When it comes to fashion in the land Down Under, Australia has fast become celebrated for its designers and brands around the globe. With a varied style from colourful kitsch to uber-practical to high-fashion to minimalist - Australian brands tend to sit at one extreme or the other, or sometimes combining all the above to glorious effect. Like Aussies, Hong Kongers are known for their love of the great outdoors, their preference for high-fashion dressing and their good fortune of being able to enjoy a long hot summer (some may argue this) and a mild winter. So, it’s a no brainer that fashion brands and designers from Australia can work perfectly here. Take a look at our top 20 picks from high end to high street.

Above Left to Right:

1. SIR the label

2. Double Rainbouu

3. Discount Universe

4. Jaggar

5. Bāmba

Above Left to Right: 6. Daisy

7. C/MEO Collective

8. Matin

9. Anna Quan

10. Maurie & Eve

Above Left to Right: 11. Sabo Skirt

12. Réalisation Par

13. Pared Eyewear

14. Nobody Denim

15. Finders Keepers

Above Left to Right: 16. Matteau

17. Lucy Folk

18. Penny Sage

19. Hansen & Gretel

20. Par Femme