Learning earlier this year that Alison and Jamie (a.k.a The Kills) were in the recording studio working on a new album and embarking on a worldwide tour really got me excited.

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Ash & Ice, released June 3rd, is nothing short of a great comeback album by The Kills. Not that The Kills necessarily needed to comeback or prove themselves after their unofficial 4 year break but I was certainly interested in what they were going to produce.

I remember first hearing Alison Mosshart's voice on Meds by Placebo at the age of 15 and being drawn to that sexy smooth and yet husky voice of hers. I was then given a mix cd a few years later by a friend which featured 'Last Day of Magic' and immediately fell in love with The Kills. What followed was standard for me: obsessing over a band, learning all there is to know about who they were, what they had produced and listening to as many albums as I could get my hands on over and over and over again…

No Wow (2005) and Midnight Boom (2008) stood out as bangers. Songs like 'No Wow', 'Ticket Man' and 'Black Balloon' match memories of high school parties, teen angst, teenage crushes (adult crushes for that mater), clashing with parents and escaping to the ipod. Those albums also remind me of that passion I had, that passion for music that has just didn't fade. I think if anything about those albums stood out the most though it was the HUGE girl crush I developed on Alison. I wasn’t attracted to her in a sexual way but more in awe of her, what she did, how effortlessly she seemed to do it, how effortlessly she dressed yet always looked cool as f*ck. She was one of the most badass women in rock music I had encountered.

The Kills followed their 2008 release with Blood Pressures (2011) and again I had it on repeat for months. Every one of their releases have shown that The Kills can progress but remain true to what they started. the albums are always cohesive but album to album there are clear cut difference. One thing I like about them is neither seem to be in a rush to churn out albums one after they other, evident in the long periods between releases. They have lives outside the band. Alison is well known for her part in The Dead Weather supergroup, numerous fashion projects and quite recently a solo art exhibition.

So why do the Kills deserve to be Band of The Month? They have this incredible male/female duo group down pat. It’s simple, equal, eloquent, inspiring. They show you don’t need a whole lot of fancy equipment or too many instruments. They are raw. Real. No bullshit kind of attitude and music to match. They continue to produce addictive tunes and show the audience they are here for the long haul. And what about their live shows you may ask? On stage they are pure SEX. There is just no other way to describe it.

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