Tom Iansek and Tom Snowdon are back collaborating in their stunning new project, No Mono, our feature band this month on Rug Lane.

It started as a collaboration for Iansek's solo project #1 Dads. The Big Scary band member brought on Snowden (formerly frontman of Melbourne band Lowlakes) for "Return To", a song that became an instantaneous hit and broke hearts across the globe. Their cover of FKA Twigs' 'Two Weeks' then had fans squealing with excitement.

With Iansek putting the one album project to bed (insert disappointed face here), he and Snowden kicked off NO MONO (insert ecstatic face here), an electronica mash up with dark undertones. As described by Triple J, "the pair invoke the minimalist yet operatic electro of artists like FKA Twigs, Anhoni or Perfume Genius...the dark, intimate track drifts without any drum line until the three minute mark, at which point it just peppers in a cymbal or two. It’s a dark, dense block of sound that demands your attention".

No Mono took two years to sweep through our speakers but they dropped their first single, 'Butterflies’, in mid-September last year. It's a heart-wrenching track that showcases the project and talents of the Toms in their full light. They've since released a full length debut album, Islands (Part 1), which is full of intimate melodies, drum machines and syth, perfectly utilised with Snowden's spine-tingling falsetto that crashes into you like a truck at full force - it's impactful and instantaneous. The songs drift at their own pace and should be enjoyed with a glass of wine and horizontal in bed to let it fully wash over you. Surround sound would be even better.

We've certainly be proven Two Tom's are better than one and we can't wait to see where this project goes!

Catch No Mono on tour in the upcoming months. Details from their website here. Not to be missed.