When Swedish band Little Dragon dropped their 6th studio album New Me, Same Us in March this year, it was the pandemic lockdown repeat album here at Rug Lane

Forming in Gothenburg in 1996, Little Dragon is the kooky electro music group that you can't help but fall in love with.

Yukimi Nagano, Erik Bodi and Fredrik Wallin came together in high school with their unanamous love affair of music. The band name, by some truth, is said to have originated from the nickname Nagano was appointed due to the fuming tantrums she used to throw while recording in the studio. On the other hand the band talk about their love of the mystical, fantasy dimension and the myth of the dragon being a cool thing to think about. The group later met Håkan Wirenstrand who joined on keys and they all lived together as a collective, writing songs and playing.

Nagano describes their music making as less up in the head, more in the gut. It's the mixture of everyone's individual ingredients that she says makes it special. They've collaborated with artists such as Flying Lotus, Damon Albarn, and Dave Sitek, to name just a few. While Pitchfork suggested that their best work happens on other artists’ albums, I'd beg to differ. Sure they've done some great work with others but boy oh boy there's countless times they've got me dancing to their own tunes! Those opening chords to Ritual Union from their album of the same name just puts a groove in my step.

On their 6th album they've exploring the new them in a lot of ways. Their break from a previous label to be able to do their own organic thing in the studio paid off.

They're the kind of band you want to have a beer with and dance the night away to. Check them out here!

Find out more about little Dragon on their website or follow them @littledragonflicks