If you somehow missed the single "Coffee" in 2014 by talented American indie pop duo Sylvan Esso, do yourself a favour and hit play on our mixtape below.

(Photo Credit: Sylvan Esso Bandcamp)

Amelia Meath (of Mountain Man and part of Feist’s touring band) and Nick Sanborn (Megafaun and Made of Oak) met at Sanborn’s second solo gig as Made of Oak, and immediately became friends over their dance moves. They joined forces in 2013 after Meath moved into Sanborn’s apartment to save on rent. They then started recording in Sanborn’s bedroom studio and released their debut self titled album in 2014.

They could be described as a permanent remix tape, meshing Meath’s looped, auto-tuned folky vocals with Sanborn’s electopop syths and together they form this sound effects band that somehow isn’t produced the shit out of. It’s organic and it’s like they are built for a summer party playlist or a really good television advertisement you can’t get out of your head.

Their songs all have this underlying poppy beat which gives you this false sense of joy, but when delving into the lyrics you realise they aren’t all just happy pop tunes. "Coffee", for example, is about that realisation in a new relationship where things are looking the same as a previous failed relationship. That craving to make your relationship perfect, like out of a book or a movie, but realising it could also be failing rapidly. Another, "Jamie’s Song", is about a harrowing tale of someone living with bipolar disorder. Meath describes the underlying nature of their songs as an underbelly, “There's a beat-y underbelly going on under it. It's not necessarily tortured or anything, but there are many different layers of a story that are being communicated with our songs.” (Harper’s Bazaar, 2014)

Last month they released their "Flock of Dimes" split 7” single digitally and have mentioned trying to get back to writing after they are done touring the debut album, hopefully for us it won't be too long a wait for some. new stuff.