A mysterious collective with hooks and groove that capture the ears and call everyone to action.

Scouring the internet for information on someone is surprisingly easy (and scary) these days. Ask that ex-stalking friend...So when there is an group you hear about who you're trying to find information on and nothing comes up, it's refreshing to have to work at it.

SAULT released two albums 5 and 7 in 2019 quietly and under a cloud of mystery. The albums were impressive and enigmatic but the world was asking, who is SAULT? It was suggested that the collective is potentially a combination of Little Simz, London based Dean Josiah (who has co-written and produced with Michael Kiwanuka), Cleo Sol and sometime Kanye collaborator Kid Sister (who are also signed to SAULT's label Forever Living Originals). Singer Laurette Josiah, producer Inflo and singer Michael Kiwanuka, are the only contributors credited by name by SAULT for the latest album.

The music references dub, gospel, reggae, psychedelic soul, afro-beat and funk in exquisite ways. It's considered yet energetic and exploratory. The latest albums, Untitled (Black Is) and Untitled (Rise), both released out of thin air this year, speak to the BLM movement with heart, grace and presence. They are powerful, moving and capturing with a call to action. Songs like "Wildfires" and "Sorry Ain't Enough" from Untitled (Black Is) make you want to move and cry all in one motion. It's a different feeling to other movement albums, they're filled with sorrow and rage, they're personal and political. They want to talk. They want people to listen and it's about time.

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