Image via The Evening Standard

After moving to London 5 months ago now, I have finally come to love (instead of loath) my morning commute. Disregarding the delays, standing on a platform in the harsh British cold (for what seems like forever) and my dodgy walk path to and from the station, I have come to surprisingly look forward to my commute. The 1 hour and 10 minutes spent on the train each way, has somehow started to work to my advantage. Instead of scrolling through my Instagram or staring out of the window dreaming of lighter days, in the little corner of my carriage I have embraced productivity. I completed an online art course, began learning French again and started to read and finish books. Something that was impossible on my short and jam packed Hong Kong commutes, where the idea of a seat or a dip in data to take me away from my phone screen was impossible.

My most recent book accomplishment was by the wonderful Dolly Alderton, the 30-year-old journalist, podcast host and now author. Since reading Everything I Know About Love, I literally haven’t been able to shut up about it. I hear myself offering friends advice in the voice of Dolly, referring my day to day life to scenes in the book and thinking what would Dolly do when faced with a dilemma? Everything I Know About Love is a coming of age tale of Dolly’s life. The ups and the downs, sex, drugs, the nightmare landlords, tinder fails, former MSN obsessions, the heartaches and the humiliations - it really is honestly, a book most women can relate to. But more importantly the book is about her female friendships that triumph any man’s attention or lack of. It is a hilarious and freshly honest book about being a woman growing up post 90’s and the obstacles faced along the way to live and learn from. You will laugh, cry and feel incredibly nostalgic when reading it. I encourage you all to read the book and then thrust it into the hands of a girlfriend to read too. Because everyone needs to embrace a bit of Dolly in their lives and to sift through the shit to discover their truth!