This month we're reading The Museum of Modern Love, A gripping tale, blending fact and fiction in a beautifully realistic way.

Heather Rose's novel, The Museum of Modern Love, is a tale intertwining the lives of attendees at 'The Artist is Present’, the performance piece by Marina Abramovic which played out over 75 days at MOMA in 2014. Inspired by Abramovic, the story is bold and full of complicated yet humanistic matters, forcing the reader to feel part of the intertwining lives of the characters in a spiritual and artistic sense.

The story focuses around the protagonist, Arky, a film composer in New York separated from his wife and finding himself in a rut. Coming across the exhibit at MOMA, the story unfolds as he watches and meets other people drawn to the exhibit, forming unforeseen companionships and slowly understanding what might be missing in his life. Featuring Marina Abramovic, the voice of her mother that floats throughout the scenes, an unlikely friend, an old friend and family, the story makes you question love, life and the role of art in our lives.

This was not an easy book to put down and unsurprisingly won the Stella Prize in 2017. Delving into the art world, love, illness and morals, it's a book to add to your list!