Charlotte Simone

British based designer Charlotte Beecham founded Charlotte Simone back in 2011. Her love for accessories came to life in Paris during her freshman year of college. Inspired by the effortless style of Parisian women and their ability to build an outfit around a single accessory, Charlotte sought to reinvent the everyday scarf. Later graduating from New York University in 2011, Charlotte launched her very first line straight out of college.

We chatted with Charlotte, the creative drive behind the brand to find out more!

Has your brand and its message changed since its launch?

When I launched Charlotte Simone, I was still a student at New York University. As a student I wasn’t quite sure what I was doing but I knew I had a good idea and I knew I wanted to give it a go! I found a lady in the garment district of New York who made samples for me and I just started selling! I went from door to door with my samples in a wheely suitcase to try and show buyers my product. I really believed I had something different to offer that’s what kept pushing me ahead. One day I managed to secure Bloomingdales and I had secured a major account!

Now based in London I have a small team of driven women beside me and we are slowly expanding into more cold weather accessories and outerwear!

Do you have any advice for others who want to launch their own brand?

My advice would be to work hard and believe in yourself! It's also key to surround yourself with family or friends that you can truly confide in and seek advice. You will come across many obstacles along the way and you need those I trust the most to turn to and lean on for guidance.

You have spent time in the world's fashion capitals. How do the three cities of New York, Paris and London fashion scenes compare?

They all offer a unique vibration. London is my home and must be my favourite of all three, but I certainly feel lucky to have been able to travel, sell and source in all!

Your brand has been seen on numerous celebrities. Which celebrity were you most star struck by to know had worn your fluffy accessories and garments?

I was most struck by Olivia Palermo because she was my first big name. I had also sewn her custom coloured stole by hand in my small downtown dorm room, so it felt completely surreal.

What can we expect to see from Charlotte Simone in the near future? We have received a really positive response to our light introduction to outerwear, so I am very excited to be expanding that offering! Watch out for more fun and fabulous Charlotte Simone coats.

Visit the brand's website here. @charlottesimone

Images via Charlotte Simone's Instagram Interview by Peigi Mackillop