A brand dreamt up in London by two French nationals - just before lockdown. Get to know our brand of the month, Fair(e) Club, and their journey to adapting to the challenges of a global pandemic.

Tell me about Fair(e) Club your brand. We are Nathalie and Amélie, two Frenchies based in London. Since we've met, we've always loved spending days and nights doing creative workshops together and sharing our different creative skills, just for fun during our spare time. Nathalie is a crochet lover (and former digital project manager), Amélie is a sewing queen (and former pattern maker AND poker dealer).

How did you get started on the brand? One day, in January 2020, we had this crazy idea of creating our handmade accessories brand. Why not follow one of our dreams and start selling our creations after all...? That's how Fair(e) Club was born!

Fair(e) Club Face Masks

How did the name Fair(e) Club come about? "Faire" means "To create / To make" in French. And "Fair" because it is important for us to be sustainable, following our values and vision. We do believe in another way of producing and consuming. We want to be part of the fight against the modern consumerism, the fast fashion industry and its damages on the environment, the product quality and the exploitative working conditions. We aspire to be much more than just "another brand" but a Club bringing together people who want to change the world at their own level. We produce only once we've received the order. No overproduction, no stock, no wastage. Most of our products are made with dead stock fabrics (overproduction stock or leftover stock). We use our fabrics until the end as there is always a way to place even the very little piece of fabric left.

How have you found working on and starting a brand during a global pandemic? As soon as we were ready to officially launch the brand, the pandemic become "a real thing" and it was followed by the lockdown. Obviously, that wasn't part of our first plan and we had to review our priorities. What was the point of keeping on creating accessories when we were aware of a shortage of face masks ? We've then decided to use all of the fabrics we had to create face coverings only, and to donate 10% of our profits to a restaurant in London that prepared and delivered food to the NHS (National Health Service) front line staff everyday. That was the best way we've found to contribute and be in solidarity with those heroes who were saving lives. In hindsight, starting a brand during an ongoing pandemic was a unique and interesting experience. We got caught up in a whirlwind of face masks orders very quickly. We didn't have much time to be prepared but we had to follow the pace straight away. It was a good test for us and our ability to work together.

What do you think the future holds for Fair(e) Club? When the masks orders started to slow down, we understood that it was the right time for us to go back to the essence of our project and to slowly introduce our handmade accessories for the end of the summer : Bucket hats, bandanas, scrunchies... We are now working on the Fall/Winter 2020 collection and are very excited about it !

What would be your advice to others wanting to start a brand? Just follow your biggest dreams and your heart. Find the right business partner and do it with love and passion, it truly makes a huge difference.

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