The Melbourne based sustainable undergarment brand that we don't want to take off.

I'll give it to you straight, I've been wearing bras since I was 13 and at times it's been (as I'm sure some of you will agree) a rollercoaster of a ride finding that 'perfect fit'. There's size, style, comfort and support which I'm forever trying to balance on top of my desire to support local brands and have little impact to the environment. Introducing HARA, the brand thats both conscious and minimalist while thinking about you, the wearer at the forefront as well as the impact of that on the planet. HARA, meaning green in Hindi, is a clothing label creating pieces for women that are so incredibly soft on the body and soft on the planet per se. Taking sustainable and ethical practises to the core of their brand, HARA strive from seed to store to empower lives and rejuvenate the earth. Their mission? Use the label as a platform to bring change, awareness and education to the issues within the fashion industry.

So where did it all start? Founder, Allie Cameron, was first faced with the environmental impact that the fashion industry is having on the planet while travelling through India a few years ago. She saw first hand the effects of chemical runoff to the enormous amount of plastic use, and understood changes needed to be made in order for the Earth to sustain its environment. After spending her time on local cotton farms talking directly with farmers, she wanted to create a solution to the problems - a clothing label where design meets sustainability. She found herself in Indonesia a year later exploring natural dyes and clothing production on the island of Bali.

One of the first things I noticed about HARA before I invested in a number of their pieces were the women (and yes I mean women not models) on their social platforms and website. I could for once see exactly what the bras and underwear look like on women of different shapes, different skin tones, different backgrounds. It's so refreshing to see and get a real sense of what my boobs might actually look like in a bra. It's simple, there are currently only three cuts of underwear and two bras, nothing patterned or out there, fit thats work for actual women.

All the products are produced ethically, naturally dyed using the leaves of different plants and made from an organic bamboo fabric. The fabric contains an anti-bacterial and anti-fungal bio-agent, retained through the fabrication process and even after washing many, many times, making the products odour-resistant! The fabric is also extremely hypo-allergenic which is great for eczema sufferers and those with sensitive skin. Forget that clinging to clothes too, these products have a neutral charge which makes it anti-static, so no more awkward tugging at clothes. And to top it all off, the fabric just feels great on the skin - it's so gentle.

I was sold from the first time I tried on my deliveries, arriving in their beautiful individual bamboo fabric bags, my bras and underwear have never looked or felt so good. I'm in love!

Find HARA at and on social media @hara_thelabel.

Go ahead and check out their fantastic blog while you're there too - well worth the read.

(Images above all from HARA).

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