With Paloma Wool's cult following, we would be surprised if you have not noticed this brand yet.

If you don’t recognise the name you will most certainly know of the Leandra shirt from scrolling through your Instagram feed.. There was no escaping the coverage made by this easy wear-anywhere shirt over the summer and its Picasso / Matisse inspired line-drawn print that was an instant hit among fashionistas.

Proudly made in Barcelona, Paloma Wool is simply a project all about the spaces and mantras that are created around the idea of getting dressed and choosing a companion for your skin. The multidisciplinary creative project that brings together artists to collaborate on the making of each collection was founded by artist and designer Paloma Lanna. The San Sebastian born creative has fashion running through her veins. Her parents founded Eighties-era label Globe and then Nice Things, a Spanish clothing brand. The first item Paloma Lanna released with Paloma Wool, was a jumper. Numbered by hand, and part of a special limited edition, the jumper featured a photograph Paloma had taken on her travels in New Zealand, of a bush with pink flowers. Since then the jet-setting creative now calls on artists and ceramicists to help create a world of design that’s stretches from pottery to jewellery, accessories to hand-embroidered knits.

The unisex label's school of art-inspired wearable fashion is not only very reasonably priced but looks like nothing you’ll ever find on the high street. Eclectic models, faded lighting, clothes with a seventies flair and a consistent colour palette of primary colours makes the brand so distinctive from the rest.

The brand creates timeless pieces that are produced locally in Barcelona and Portugal and remain detached from the seasons of the fashion industry in great quality fabrics to make their products more sustainably friendly. Which is an added bonus to the list of why we love this brand so much.

Our prediction? The only way is up for Paloma Wool. The direct-to-consumer, Instagram-fuelled sensation has only continued to connect with its customers in increasingly innovative ways. Although they will have to watch out, as their brand is a mimicked fashion label, it's going to be a case of adapt or die to keep afloat.

You can shop Paloma Wool on their site

All images from @palomawool Instagram

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