In theme with being on the move, Horizn Studios is perfectly fitting as a luggage company that sticks out.

With their slogan of 'travel for the next generation', Horizn is an international Smart Travel Brand headquartered in Berlin. Their team of engineers and designers develop and make state-of-the-art travel products and services for the digital age, with the end goal of making everyone’s journey easy and enjoyable. The team themselves are frequent travellers, digital nomads and design enthusiasts, who believe in challenging the norm by moving forward in a world where travel is easily assessable to the masses. They believe each journey is an adventure and curiosity is key!

Smart technology

Every Horizn product has been designed with the customer primarily in mind. To do this, the design team have carefully chosen useful features for all their products, each added to make sure the proud owner of a Horizn product has a travel experience that's effortless from the start to the finish line. From their Smart Charger to the GPS, Travel Assistant and proximity alert – Horizn Studio make sure you’re connected when you need it most. Which in this digital age – is always it seems!

Smart design

As a design-driven brand, Horizn Studio have searched around the world for the best engineers, materials and manufacturing partners. Their finest German polycarbonate is aerospace-grade and 360° spinner wheels are engineered in Japan. Their leather is sourced and handcrafted in Italy too. Their products are always designed to go where you go – be that on your commute to work or travelling the globe.

Smart price

Horizn have chosen to sell their products directly to the customer online, which mostly means no middlemen, no insane markups and more money saved. That money can instead be invested into higher quality travel essentials at a much lower price where by saving you unnecessary costs, it gives Horizn more room to invest in smart innovation and quality for their future products.

Smart APP

Horizn has the world’s first luggage with personal travel assistance named Horizn GO. With Horizn GO, you can upgrade your travels with just the click of a button. Whether you’re planning a trip around the world or on the lookout for a cool new stop nearby home – Horizn GO sorts everything for you on the way. All you need to do is sign up, set up your customer profile and you’re ready to GO.

Smart Journal

Horizn is also home to a beautiful journal that we love! Littered with beautiful imagery and great travel tips. While scrolling through their journal you will instantly have feelings of wanderlust.

To find out more about Horizn and to shop their products head on over to their website

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