Before a recent trip to Italy, we asked City Slicker Stratos if he could capture some moments by film of his travels. Here's what he created along the way.

"I visited the Galleria Borghese and it was amazing. It’s really dramatic and almost like an overdose of Versace with lots of gold, patterns and grand marble. I got to see these intense and melodramatic artworks like Bernini’s impressive “The Rape of Proserpina” and the almost gay-esque painting (to me at least) “Boy with a Basket of Fruit", by Caravaggio. At the same time that it was intense, it’s also for me in a weird way, funny, because it’s soooo serious. Not knowing what most of the paintings are about, I just took the visuals for how I saw them. It just looks like some of them are hungover, or like letting out a really big sigh. So for these posts I wanted them to feel very dramatic but be a little bit playful at the same time" - Stratos Efstathiou

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