A filmmaker with an eye for detail, Phoebe Galloway tells us about the coastal life, life in lock down and what she wishes she'd learnt starting out as a freelancer.

Name: Phoebe Galloway Occupation: Filmmaker Hometown: Brisbane Current Location: Coolangatta Three things that have been essential for you in isolation: Daily walks. Good books. Nice wine 

Thanks for being our latest City Slicker, although this is really a case of 'Coastal Slicker'. You live at the Gold Coast, seconds from the water. What are some of the things you enjoy most about the beach life compared to the city lifestyle? I love the lifestyle I have in Coolangatta. I definitely spend a lot more time outdoors since moving to the Gold Coast. Getting out for walks, swims, surfs and sunshine has become an important part of my life here. I’ve lived at the coast for over three years now and I still feel very lucky and grateful to see the ocean every day. I try not to take it for granted. I still loving heading to Brisbane for a bit of city life and catching up with family and friends but I always love the feeling of coming home after being away.   We've been friends for a very long time and I've always been in awe of your amazing eye for photography and film. You are a full time filmmaker who has traveled all over the world for work. How do you think you've developed over the years and have there been some major 'aha' moments or turning points along the way that stand out?  Aww thanks BG!!  Over the years of working as a filmmaker I feel like I’ve been in a constant state of learning and developing. There are always things to learn, new ways of creating and mistakes to be made; and every project I finish develops my style and skills further. One of the bigger turning points for me was committing to full time freelance work. Freeing up the time to just work for myself I was able to focus all my energy into new projects. Although it was scary at the time I found that the work flowed more freely once I had committed to filmmaking full time.  An aha moment for me is realising I don’t need to say yes to everything (unless you're just starting out then say yes to everything haha). I’m starting to realise its more important for me to put more time and effort into fewer projects rather than being spread thin over too many things.    As a filmmaker I have certainly developed my confidence over the years. Being an introvert, it can be intimidating to put myself and my ideas out there, as well as be in situations where I'm running the show. I have however learnt that it is essential for growth and progress as a creative. 

You've work with brands, you do personal projects and also capture incredible wedding videos. What have been some of the coolest and/or most memorable projects you've worked on and why? One of the favourite projects I’ve worked on was with Zoe Moreton Jewellery. Zoe is based in London and we met up in Sri Lanka for a week to shoot a new collection of hers over there. It was the best week, in a beautiful part of Sri Lanka collaborating with some amazing people. In between the shoots we had plenty of time to relax and find some little waves to surf, the ultimate combination of work and play really. One of my more memorable personal projects was a short film I made after coming back from a trip to New York. Travelling to a new place is always inspiring and sparks an excitement and creativity that can be hard to tap into from the places you see everyday. New York is such a contrast to where I live which is why I found it particularly inspiring. I love that buzz you get from a big city. 

Phoebe's work for Zoe Moreton Jewellery above

It's been an interesting start to 2020, what were some of the things you thought you'd do this year and some of the things you've been spending your time doing instead?

It has certainly been an interesting start to 2020! Having the brakes put on for work and life suddenly was a bit of an adjustment at first.  I was about to go into wedding season for April & May which is one of the busier times of the year for me so having that put on hold made life a little quieter for me. I’ve been spending my time still working on edits and admin but I’m also trying to enjoy the slow life for a while. I have read some great books, tidied my apartment a little more than usual and tried to get out in the water to surf more. 

You work from home alone most of the time anyway. Are there any things you've changed in your routine during isolation or are there any rituals you have developed during this period? 

A big change for me was my gym closing. Not having to wake up early for a gym session has made my morning a lot slower and sleeping in has become much more frequent occurrence haha. I have enjoyed the slow mornings but I am looking forward to getting back into a slightly earlier morning routine. Usually those first few hours of the work day are my most productive so it will be good to get those back. 

What have been some of the things you've achieved during this time? Have you ticked off things on your to do lists or started some random DIY projects? 

Updating my website and catching up on tax have been on my to do list for a while so it feels good to have achieved those during this downtime. For the first time in about 4 years I finished my wedding edit list which is a massive achievement for me. Wedding edits usually take up the majority of my week which I love doing but its nice to have a small break. I’m looking forward to getting into some new edits with fresh eyes! Have you had any revelations about life or decided there are things you want to do more of during this time?

- That having the time for those essentials (daily walks, good books and nice wine) is really important to me.  - The slow life is something I can get very used to.  - That a picnic with friends is just a good as a night out.  If you could work with any person (famous or not) or a brand in the world, who would it be and why? 

Ah this question is endless haha! Too many!  What are some of your upcoming projects you're excited about? In 2017 my partner and I did a trip to Iceland and I’ve been meaning to edit a video from it ever since. Over three years later I’ve finally started going through everything we shot, its so nice to re-visit that trip through the footage and I’m looking forward to getting that edit together.  What are some things you wish someone had told you when you were starting out as a filmmaker?  - Do your tax.  - Create connections. - Know your worth.

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