Meet Miko, our latest city slicker. A Hong Kong based DJ who never fails to deliver a quality set that spans across multiple music genres. The Chinese-Filipino native sat down with us to chat all about being a DJ and what he loves about the city.

Name: Miko Chong DJ name: Miko Van Chong (The Van started out as joke initially but somehow ended up staying) Hometown: Manila Current Residence: Hong Kong

How did you find yourself in Hong Kong? After university, I moved to Hong Kong from Manila as my mum lived here. She moved back but I stayed. Lifestyle here suits me more, I guess.

What inspired you to become a DJ? I have always loved music. When I got to the city in 2005/06 I started going to Yumla (now OMA) and met the DJ crew there that were just normal people who played awesome music. After chatting with the guys to find out more, I figured that you could have a day job and be a DJ. The likes of Frankie Lam, Wendy Wenn and Dan F took me under their wing. I taught myself how to DJ after that - alongside some helpful tips from the pros and watching a lot of YouTube videos. And practice, lots and lots of hours, days, weeks of practice. Has the nightlife scene changed much since you first arrived? Yeah, back then in Central it was a lot more commercial and the only underground clubs were Yumla and maybe Volar for special guest DJs. Now a lot of new venues are embracing the more house-y vibe. The nightlife scene has also started moving to more unusual underground locations. Plus there are heaps more event organisers since 2005, so party goers have a larger category to pick from. I have also noticed that people seem to be more into going to bar/restaurants rather than full on clubbing. I actually like it, or maybe I’m just getting old – haha.

What genre of music do you normally play? Deep House and Nu Disco is my current vibe. I am always happy to mix it up depending on the venue. When I throw on some Katy Perry at Petticoat Lane the crowd goes wild. (Laughs) What are your top 5 go to tracks at the moment? CamelPhat - Cola ft. Elderbrook Blonde & Craig David - Nothing Like This New Order - Bizarre Love Triangle Madonna - Holiday (Rhythm Scholar Funk Adventure Remix)

Katy Perry - Swish Swish ft. Nicki Minaj

What have been some of your career highlights? The first 2 Clockenflaps at the West Kowloon Cultural district were a definite highlight for me. I look forward to seeing what this year brings. I will be playing at the silent disco stage on the Saturday this year (November 18th at 12:30pm) - so come down early and support. Are there any down sides to being a DJ? Many sleepless nights! Schedule is pretty random, changes on a monthly or weekly basis. So you have to be super organised to keep on top of things.

What do you like to do during your downtime? When I am not scoping out new songs at home I’m on the PlayStation or Xbox. I also love reading comics, whether it’s DC, Marvel, Image, or indie ones. Currently obsessed with Japanese pro-wrestling, NJPW is the best!

Name your current favourite spots to eat? Yardbird, Brickhouse, Chachawan, Ho Lee Fook and Sohofama. And your top places to drink? Foxglove, Stockton, Lily & Bloom, Baby B and Ping Pong.

Tell us 5 things you love about this city… There is no traffic unlike back home in Manilla, so the transportation in general is great. The nightlife, there’s more variety especially when it comes to music. The mix of amazing food. The fact that I can get around using English which is not as easy in other Asian countries. And of course, the convenience and pace of the place. What’s next? Just keep hustling, 24/7, all day err day. (LAUGHS) Please don’t print that.

You can catch Miko at his following residencies – DJing for Cliché Records and Behind events. Playing at Studio, Petticoat Lane, Vibes, Skye, Jinjuu, Neo, and Honi Honi. Don't miss him at this years Clockenflap playing the Silent Disco 12:30pm on November 18 and you can also find him on Mixcloud