From the basics to the drop dead sexy, we're sharing our favourite undergarments from brands with a sustainable and ethical mission so you can feel good while doing good.

Let's face it, we all have that favourite bra and that favourite pair of underpants we chose most over others. And it makes us feel nice when we put them on. Whether it's because it's a matching pair, the softest, most comfortable or maybe it's because you feel sexy in them - it's just something for you.

We're all for feeling confident and great in what we wear and we think it starts from what we wear underneath (or not underneath if that's also something you like). But wouldn't it be nice to feel that what we're wearing underneath is well considered and conscious of the planet and the people at the same time? Here's some tips on what to look out for when buying undergarments and 7 brands we love who consciously think about what they're creating for the world and in the world we live in.

Things to look for:

  • Material - the choice of material and conscious decision making is generally a good sign. Organic cotton, bamboo and breathable fabrics are what you want for undergarments both for your body and the environment.

  • Working conditions - what are the working conditions like for the brand? You might not always know this but if a company is making an effort in how they treat employees and their supply chain they will detail it.

  • Read the company vision statement - do they seem like they are green washing or actually doing something? Read their vision and sustainability plans and you'll get a better understanding of what they are actually doing.


Australian label NICO create beautiful pieces that make you feel so damn good. Established in 2012, NICO celebrates the sartorial philosophy of minimalism and understated luxury. It's not just underwear, they create loungewear, basics, socks, undergarments and capsule pieces. At the core of everything they do is a strong respect for the people they work with, and the environment they work within. NICO is committed to upholding and cultivating ethical and sustainable transparency in the fashion industry.

2. Hara

We featured Hara as our brand of the month back in 2018. We love their vibrant colours, classic styles and simple concept and what really got us was their incredible vision for a sustainable and ethical production. They believe in transparent supply chains, ethical practices and supporting local economies and all their products are naturally dyed, cut, sewn, packaged and shipped in Melbourne, Australia. They use Bamboo fibres for their fabric which has no pesticides, insecticides or fertilisers used in the growing, uses only rainwater to grow, doesn't need vast lands to grow as it can grow very densely, produces 30% more oxygen & absorbs more carbon dioxide than trees and new stems can be harvested again and again making bamboo one of the most sustainable raw materials in the world. Their blog is also well worth a read! What's not to love?

3. Beaumont Organic

Organic cotton remains is the centre of the Beaumont Organic's simple and sleek undergarment collection. They trace the cotton from the moment it is planted through the production process and all their cotton is GOTS certified, telling them where it was grown and knitted, and ensuring that no pesticides, chemicals or GMO seeds are used in the production. Beaumont Organic aim to use end of roll fabrics where possible to reduce the waste material going to landfill and also results in a more unique garment as 'end of roll' styles are typically very limited in number. To keep it local, they only work with factories in the EU which pay fair wages and provide good working conditions for their staff.

4. Eco-Intimates

Designed in the heart of Byron Bay, Eco Intimates is a bespoke intimates label dedicated to creating luxurious lingerie & sleepwear. Using natural and organic textiles, Eco Intimates is produced via slow manufacturing processes which support it's makers & the planet. Eco are passionate about designing and creating soft feminine lingerie that not only makes women feel beautiful, but will stand the test of time. They value the woman and her body and started as in a home studio where it is still designed from today. Each collection includes both pieces custom made in Australia, & sustainably sized batches produced by a small team of home-makers in Bali, Indonesia.

5. Under Protection

From production to materials, Under Protection value sustainability in the making of their garments. Not only do they have some sexy lingerie, but they also go loungewear which is so the new norm.

6. The Nude Label

The Nude Label have captured our eyes for a while with their effortless and simple pieces suitable for all shapes and sizes. All their undergarment pieces are made in a family-run factory in Valencia, Spain. The closeness to their studio allows them to have a bigger control over the process and ensure good working practices. They ensure a healthy and safe working environment, fair pay and free choice for all staff along the production and supply chain and even have snacks and homemade pastries available anytime - so sweet! The Nude Label shave a core ethos that long-lasting garments that you can wear to death are the most sustainable ones. A couple of years ago they found our organic cotton supplier in Portugal and with them, they make soft, stunning, organic cotton pieces certified with GOTS and OEKO-TEX 100 Standard.

7. Bimby + Roy

Byron Bay label Bimby and Roy create eye catching pieces that make you want to lounge about it your underwear all day long. The brand founded by two sisters are all about comfort and versatility, creating bralettes and bottoms to wear anywhere, be it in bed, in the water or daily worn undergarments. Designed in Australia and manufactured ethically in the Fiji islands in the first solar powered facility in the region, their designs are sublimated on their material, which is one of the most environmentally friendly printing processes (no ink dyes in water ways), and paper used during the process is frequently donated to Fiji recycling plants.

If you have any other sustainable and ethical undergarment labels you love share them with us!

For some help on how to take care of your undergarments for longevity, check out out taking care of your clothes part 1 guide here.