(Artist: Bodil Jane)

We’ve all heard of it, others may know where theirs lies but ultimately we’re often trying to find it. We’re talking about that magical spot where it all feels right. Sure your mind has probably gone down below but we’re talking more in a philosophical sense. This month we’re challenging you to find that G Spot in your life that makes you feel intoxicated and buzzed. A point where your career, your social life and your personal being come together and just click.

Finding that G Spot could mean things need to change at work, your social needs might need a shake up or maybe you just need some fresh air somewhere. Whatever you feel you need for yourself, work on that this month as we try to uncover our G Spots in life.

We’re featuring a killer artist this month, Sharon Van Etten whose new album Remind Me Tomorrow is making waves across the industry. Feeling the pull of the lunar new year, we’re getting inspired by Greta Gerwig, our monthly muse whose born in the year of the Pig. Look out for our annual valentines Mix Tape which is all about loving others and loving yourself - something to help you get in the mood to find that G spot this February. Wink wink.