How many times have you arrived at a festival, unpacked your belongings and realised that you have forgotten some basic essentials?!

Image – Glastonbury 2016 NME

Let's face it, it's not a nice situation to find yourself in and I surely can't be the only one to experience this. The panic ensures in those moments when you realise and you run to the festival shops only to find a pair of tie dye flares and a tasselled crop top for a hefty price...

For those unorganised festival goers, we've devised a handy packing checklist by asking likeminded festival goers what the survival essentials are for a wild weekend come rain, hail or shine!


Right, so you need to be dressed for most of the weekend unless you're into that glitter boobs trend...some 101 clothes to pack:

  • Tights (easy to throw in a bag)

  • Rain jacket

  • Knickers (1 per day plus an extra 2 …you never know)

  • Bra x 2

  • Sun dress x 2 ( I prefer an easy dress over a playsuit to avoid the awkwardness when going to the toilet)

  • T-shirt x 2

  • Tank top

  • Socks x 3 (you'll need an extra pair if raining for gumboots)

  • Simple sleeping wear

  • Denim Shorts

  • Jacket like or thick depending on the weather

  • Jeans

  • Bikini / Swim suit in case you need it for an outdoor shower or if it's super-hot you can wear with jean shorts

  • Jumper or 2 for a winter festival

Dress - The Reformation


Sturdy and comfortable footwear is essential. We've done enough festivals to know it's worth investing in decent shoes to go the distance.

  • Rain Boots

  • Trainers that you don’t mind trashing aka not your crisp white Stan Smiths

  • Flip flops for the shower

  • A pair of sturdy boots that you don’t mind being beat up

Boots - RM Williams


  • Hair Ties

  • Hair Clips

  • Sun glasses x 2 (in case you lose a pair)

  • Hat

  • Headpiece (if you are feeling extra but still cultural appropriate)

  • Some statement earrings to jazz up a plain outfit

  • Small backpack, bum bag or handbag (need to fit in camera, wallet and maybe a hidden pocket for hiding alcohol)

  • A good sturdy bag to put everything in

Bag - Patagonia


Keep your toiletries bag nice and simple. Pack the following essentials to save space. Remember everything you carry onto the site you need to carry out.

  • Dry Shampoo

  • Wet wipes or we advise to be extra eco-friendly use a cloth

  • Make Up and decorative embellishments aka glitter or stick on gems if you’re in the mood to look basic

  • Toothpaste and toothbrush

  • Shampoo / Conditioner

  • Diva Cup / Tampon / Thinx (or whatever you like to use if it’s your time of the month)

  • Sun cream! A must must must. Save that beautiful skin of yours.

Sunscreen - Glossier


  • Festival ticket - this may be a no brainer but there is always one in the group who forgets their tickets only to realise at the gate... and touts are not cheap…

  • ID (and photocopy of your ID if you're extra clumsy)

  • Cash cards

  • Portable phone charger

  • Although we don't encourage waste, a throw away camera or non-expensive camera is good. You don’t want to waste your battery on your phone taking too many pictures. Plus, you do not want to bring along an expensive DSLR that may get lost.

  • Bags for dirty clothes and rubbish

  • A reusable water bottle

  • Tent

  • Sleeping bag

  • Roll mat

  • Torch

  • Toilet paper! Trust me, you'll thank us later.

  • Towel, I swear against the Tesalate towels, especially if you are at a festival on the beach!

  • Medical info if you have any allergies etc.

  • Medication if required, like Panadol for those sore heads in the morning …ouch

Towel - Tesalate


Finally some handy tips from those that have done it all before. Learn from our lessons!

  • Mark all valuables with name, number and post code so they can be sent back to you if lost.

  • Don’t bring anything made from glass. Most festivals will confiscate glass items, this includes mirrors and perfumes.

  • Do not overpack, not only is it bad for your back when lugging your luggage over a couple of hills but it is bad for the environment when you need to leave things behind.

  • Print out our list and tick of each item so you can enjoy the festival stress free!

There you go! Got anything else to add to the list? Let us know (All images of items shown here are from sustainable companies and built to last – festival fashion doesn’t have to be throw away fashion.)

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