Some fashion resolutions we're making this year in our quest to be more sustainable in our choices

Stella McCartney Winter 2017 Ad Campaign Shot in a Scottish landfill site; the images explore the issues of waste and overconsumption.

I know, I know, this year we said to just do you and throw away those ideas of new years resolutions out the window because let's face it, are you really going to be sober, waking up at 6am and eating salad for the rest of 2018...nope. Here we have a resolution that is a little different. Inspired by Fashion For Good, a global initiative that’s mission is to make all fashion good and after reading last month’s book of the month Dress [With] Sense - I have decided to kick start my 2018 by being more sustainable and making some #GoodFashionResolutions. Not only will a #GoodFashionResolution save you money, your clothes and time, it will more importantly save mother earth. I hope that Fashion for Good’s campaign and my resolutions can help inspire you to create some of your own and we can become fashion activists together. Fashion for Good™ is an organisation that enables the widespread adoption of good fashion practices with ‘The Five Goods’: Good Materials, Good Economy, Good Energy, Good Water and Good Lives. With their #GoodFashionResolution Instagram initiative they invited their global community to help collectively brainstorm ways to be more mindful about the clothes you buy, wear and throw away in 2018 – by making a #GoodFashionResolution and sharing it on your Instagram along with the campaign hashtag to spread the word.

Stella McCartney Winter 2017 Ad Campaign

Here are my three #GoodFashionResolutions for 2018! 1. Take better care of my clothes

After already creating a capsule wardrobe, my next goal is to take better care of my clothes, especially when it comes to washing them. Taking better care of my clothes will mean that they will last longer and keep looking great. Plus, I can decrease the toxins released from my washing suds and reduce the endless energy wasted through mindless washing.

2. Buy only what I need, not what I want

It’s time to stop and think before splurging on things I really do not need. A bad habit I have especially when I'm hungover, irritable and bored. By doing this I will not only save money and wardrobe space but benefit the environment. Careless purchasing is one of the biggest pollutants in the fashion world. By clearing out my wardrobe before any future shopping trips and assessing what I already have, I will then understand what I am missing and save myself from buying duplicates. Plus, by taking that deep breath and thinking before purchasing, I will hopefully stop buying (pardon my french) shit I really do not need!

3. Buy better quality

Now with the resolution of buying clothes when needed, those clothes need to be the best quality. Buying organic fibres that won’t be sitting in a landfill for years unable to decompose is a great place to start. Not only will this benefit the environment and be good for my skin but better quality looks better. Not to mention it is also healthier for the wallet because the clothes will last longer - so no need to buy the same thing again and again.

Check out some of the entrants from the #GoodFashionResolution below that can help inspire you. Don’t under estimate your power to influence and share your opinions with your social media network. You can be a modern-day fashion activist and inspiration by simply sharing with your friends your #GoodFashionResolution. So, speak up and make your voice heard!

The Winter 2017 Stella McCartney Campaign Film | Full Edit

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