So you've made your resolutions, probably knowing full well (like most years) you wont be able to last the month of January let alone the full year. Let's face it, how many people have actually "eaten healthier" all year or lost that 5kg and kept it off... Rather than trying to meet these ridiculous standards you're setting for yourself this January, we're saying, you just do you! Love yourself for how you are already and do the year your own way!

This month at Rug Lane we're looking at finding things about ourselves we can actually change for the better. Things we can do to empower ourselves - not a drastic weightloss program, but rather further our learning in a subject or expand our cultural horizons. We're reading all about some of the things our readers have learnt, from doing drag in Hong Kong to travelling solo as a female. We're bringing you some of our latest musical finds and letting you know what we're listening to this month as well as what books we can't put down and what brands we're drooling over.

So join us as we kick start 2018, the year you do you!