My gawd how did we get to July already? Welcome to the second half of 2018. Who knows how we reached it but all we know is it's going to be a fun filled few months ahead. With a sweet spot for the middle month of the year, we're embracing new energies and changes this July, being ready for action, focusing on the ups and ditching the Adams.

Whether it's vacations on the horizon, festivals to attend or exploring what's in our backyards, we're taking the time to focus on the ups (and sometimes dropping those Adams in our lives...whether they are quite literally people named Adam or perhaps just leftover baggage). We're featuring Somewhere Nowhere, our brand of the month, inspired by fun and colour, and listening to Gwenno, the Welsh artist bringing Cornish to the mainstream. Read up on our guide to this years Splendour in The Grass and check out what we're reading in our cultural section.

It's about staying positive this month, chuck on your favourite beats and ride the rest of the 2018 wave.