In the age of social media, I ask you this, what are we hoping to achieve with it? Are we trying to make a difference? Are we just here for fun or is it bigger than that?

In a city that runs on being 'seen to be seen', this month at Rug Lane we're exploring how our privacy values and narcissistic tendencies have evolved both in real life and on the gram. We ask what is the point of it all? And what scenes do actually exist anymore if any? Has our fast paced nature buried the idea of trends? What is "real" these days, what is fake and how to weed out the crap?

We have two new City Slickers, Barlo, a Hong Kong street artist from Italy and Stratos, art director at Olgivy in Hong Kong. We're discussing with them both their take on the art scene in Hong Kong and what exactly the "scene"' is.

With summer well and truly here it's time to kick back, grab something on ice, slip, slop, slap, slide and hit play on our summer essentials mixtape. Tunes for those beach days, rooftop parties and Spritz sessions (sweat mot included but obviously assumed). Also while you're at it rtead up on our artist of the month, kick as lady Feist.

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