Fire up your social media today and you will notice a pattern of rainbow coloured posts…That’s because Australians have overwhelmingly voted in favour of legalising same-sex marriage in a historic poll.

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And today the non-binding postal vote showed 61.6% of people favour allowing same-sex couples to have the right to wed. Ecstatic supporters have been singing and dancing through the streets while waving their rainbow flags up high.

Although the bill hasn’t passed yet, we’re taking this one as a win for love — it’s a g’day. Way to go Australia - love is love, after all. Want to celebrate the win? Head over to Petticoat Lane tonight for their weekly WednesGay event which includes free-flow Absolut Vodka, hot topless bartenders and our City Slicker Miko Van Chong on the decks!

See you on the dancefloor!

Hyde Park, Sydney. Image credit: Hugh Stewart