(Photo @parishelena)

Every year when March rolls around it feels like that turning point to the year. Summer is on it's way out down under and the skies start to open up and let a little sunshine in up north. It's a month with a lot of celebrations, giving us time to reflect on how far we've come and how far we want to go.

Mardi Gras kicks off in Sydney at the start of the month, giving us time to glitter up (eco friendly glitter of course!) and celebrate all the LGBTQI+ people we have in our lives! International Women's Day follows on March 8th, a day we deem as a reminder to celebrate all the beautiful women in our lives (because we should be doing that erry damn day!). It's a day to remember all the hard work women before us have put in to get us to where we are, to thank and praise all the women currently kicking goals and think of the women ahead of us - may they be fearless and feared!

This month at Rug Lane we're looking at raising the bar, both personally, professionally and together. We're inspired by women who are doing it for themselves, girls making change, girls being girls #girlstothefront. We’re featuring the softly spoken British artist Anna Calvi this month and also loving Paloma Wool, the project from Barcelona, our brand of the month. We have a mixtape compiled entirely of female and LGBTQI+ artists just for you.

Join us as we embark on raising the bar with some kick ass women!