No, for those of you worried, we're not turning into a Star Wars themed publication. This month at Rug Lane we're talking energy.

From the basic law of Conservation of Energy, energy can neither be created nor destroyed; rather, it can only be transformed from one form to another. So all that bad juju you think you're creating for your self is in fact not something you've created at all, imagine it more like a ball you can throw and catch in very simple terms. So how exactly does one transform energy? Why is it we feel good one day and crap the next? What is it about the people we are surrounded with and why is it we get positive from some and negative energy from others?

Throughout the month of May we're exploring ways in which we can embrace and nurture our positive energies while also looking at ways to transform those bad energies rather than move them elsewhere. We're doing our research on all types of products out there claiming to help energy - from food to sheets and Goop's famous vagina eggs. We're trying to find our own balance of energy. Even taking a page from Kanye's book and seeing what the fuss is about this dragon energy.

We're featuring the incredibly talented (and not to mention handsome) Marlon Williams as our feature artist this month as well as a City Slicker piece with Izzy Campbell, the designer behind our favourite new swimwear label Okay Pretty. We're being inspired by muses who embrace those positive energies and exploring brands who are using energy as part of their inspiration.

We also have an exciting announcement related to our Rug Lane Markets so keep your eyes peeled for that.


The Rug Lane Team