We chatted with our monthly muse Charney Magri – Do Epic Good partner and acclaimed director.

Charney Magri and partner Ramzi Moutran – CCO & Founder

Charney has over 20 years’ experience in the fashion, beauty and advertising industry and recently co-created part two of the praised documentary Catwalk to Creation that launched on Earth Day. Catwalk to Creation is a docuseries that follows the reverse journey of transparent sustainable fashion collaborating with people, companies and brands who decided to make a difference, those who decided to design with sustainability and the environment in mind, showing that sustainability is not only possible, but beautiful.

Hi Charney, can you tell us a little about yourself and what you do?

By profession I am a photographer. I’ve worked in the fashion, beauty and advertising industry for over 20 years. 5 years ago I began directing and bringing the core values of my life into my work – sustainability. I am now a

partner for Do Epic Good - an incredible company apart of the Do Epic Sh*t conglomerate. Do Epic Sh*t is a boutique creative production agency focused on working with companies and brands who really want to shift the needle in the industry, creating impactful, effective and meaningful work that delivers results for our clients and their brands. Do Epic Good is the sustainability arm of the conglomerate focusing not just in the fashion industry, but across the board with all brands and companies striving to make change and use their position of power as a force for good.

How did you get started working in sustainability? 

Sustainability has been a part of my life since I was very young. Growing up in Australia we were always aware of water shortages and keeping our air clean with a depleting ozone layer. So, it’s been a part of my DNA for a very long time. Five years ago, I reconnected with this, realising that it was essential I became true to myself and bring my core values into my everyday work and life.

How did Catwalk to Creation come about? 

Catwalk to Creation was an idea that I had about 18 months / 2 years ago that enabled us to give transparency to an often-convoluted industry. I approached Ramzi Moutran, my co-director and co-producer about the idea and he

brought it to life with me. The more we worked on it, the more it grew, and we realised how necessary this information was to bring to consumers.

Besides from fashion, how do you adopt other sustainable practices in your daily life?

The interesting thing about sustainable practises is once you start on this journey, you begin to question everything in your life. And slowly but surely, before you know it, you’re living quite sustainably. Of course there is always

room for more but this now ranges from making my own face creams (surprisingly this is so easy and I can do this in 5 minutes while making breakfast in the morning for my kids!) through to constantly recycling, eat a very clean diet and do my best to ensure any purchase is a sustainable option.

Tell us about the last item of clothing you bought which would be considered socially or environmentally sustainable. Why did you choose it?

I bought a really beautiful top from a company called Thought, made from Tencel. Tencel fabric is just gorgeous & soft, produced by environmentally responsible processes that are sustainably sourced from natural resources.

Do you have a piece of clothing or an accessory that you have had forever - a completely indispensable classic?

Yes! I have a Roland Mouret jacket that I’ve had for at least 15 years, maybe more, that I wear ALL the time and it still gets compliments. It’s become a staple go to and is almost a part of my identity!

What solutions currently exist and need to be found to have a truly sustainable fashion industry? 

There are some incredible solutions currently being developed in the industry, you only have to follow me on my social channels (especially FB and LinkedIn) to see what I am constantly in awe of! @CharneyMagri

How would you suggest people get involved in the fight for a more sustainable fashion industry after being inspired by your documentary?

Always ask questions and be curious… Ask questions about what you’re wearing, what you’re eating, what you’re buying, watching, using, drinking, driving, holidaying, even where you’re working and how your business can join the ‘fight’ for a better future.

Be curious to find better alternatives, solutions, to learn more, read more, understand, empower and educate yourselves, friends, family, the world.

Most importantly, share the documentary with as many people as you can, watch it with friends, post about it, tweet it, like it even screen it at events. The more awareness we raise, the more chance we have of educating and empowering one other, ultimately letting the brands and governments know that ok is not good enough and it’s time to change.

What projects do you have planned next? 

A lot! Firstly, the fundamental core foundation of Do Epic Good is to work with brands and companies who are striving to make change and use their position of power as a force for good. My mission is to be one of the leading go-to creative production agencies that ensures the communication industry will use creativity to focus on solving problems rather than creating them.

And secondly, Catwalk to Creation will be a series. I want to see these episodes in the living rooms all around the world, giving people the information they deserve to know so they too can ensure an educated choice when they making their next purchase. So the Netflix, BBC, TV stations and the Amazon Primes of the world, listen up and get in touch!

To keep up with Charney and the latest news visit: Twitter - @charneymagri Instagram - @charneymagri @doepicsh_t and @doepicgood Facebook – @charneymagri and @f4cglobal

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Images via Catwalk to Creation and Charney Magri

Interview by Peigi Mackillop