You may think this sounds silly but do it with me. Put your hand over your heart and just stop to feel your own heart beat for a few seconds. Can you feel that? Feel the blood pumping and the breath slowing down? How are you? What's going on with you? Simple questions we ask one another on a daily basis but how often are we asking them to ourselves, checking in with what we need? This month at Rug Lane we're focusing on self love and self care.

Self love/care can be hard sometimes and our definitions of self love/ self care are (and should be) different for everyone. But ultimately it's about giving ourselves some time to do things we need to do for ourselves, taking care of what we need doing and maybe a couple of 'treat yo self' moments in there too. October can be a bit of a slump month, it's not quite summer, it's not quite the end of year when celebrations start. For some it means exam time and others it's just a gateway to the beach season. Whatever it is for you, we ask you focus on some *you time* this month. Whether it's giving yourself some credit for things you've done this year, reading a book, treating yourself to a bath, going for a run, having some downtime or taking yourself out for a good meal.

We're launching our new 'Love Letters' segment this month, a series of letters and poems from our writers and readers to anyone or anything. Starting with some self love letters to kick start Cross My Heart month. We've got a fab self love mix tape to get you motivated and some reads to enjoy in that downtime (if that's what you need). We're featuring UK band Jungle as our Band of The Month and Aussie model Gemma Ward is our Muse this month.

So join us as we set out on a month of self love and self care and let us know how you #selfcaremonth.