As the new month rolls in we're all sitting here wondering A. How is it September? and B. When will this heat subside so we can stop dreading the under boob sweat and trickle of sweat down the back of the thighs? You might have also noticed, with the month of September comes the excess poster advertisement for (insert gross face emoji here) Moon Cake season aka Mid Autumn Festival, aka Hungry Ghost Month.

MAF in Hong Kong culture is about thanking the moon god for the harvest. Some people believe during this time spirits get a "summer vacation" from the other world and return to the mortal world because, why not? According to cultural beliefs, people shouldn't travel, move into new homes, start new businesses, get married (or die... ) during this time as it's all thought to be bad luck.

Try telling the guy in your building who decides to burn all his old tax bills that fire safety should be considered. You're bound to get a that blank stare that says something like "wtf would you know/ what are you going on about?". But don't be put off because we can join in too - feeding those hungry ghosts our selves as we prep for the last quarter of 2017. Give em what they want we say - pay off those old bills lying around, clean out those old wardrobes in time for the third instalment of Rug Lane Markets and get rid of ghosts of ex past.

Check out some of Hong Kong's best fashion events to be seen at this month here and keep an eye out for our must have summer wardrobe piece coming soon. Get inspired by some more City Slickers and tell us what you're doing to get rid of Ghosts this month!