Spring is in the air down under and with it comes a time of change and cleansing. Inspired by some BIG personal life changes for the Rug Lane team, this month is all about movement. Movement for us is taking on a few meanings during this sporadic month of twists and turns.

With many of our readership in transit and living that expat lifestyle, whether that be another country or just a new city, we're dedicating this month to the art of the move. From the logistics of transport to the cleansing of the old to prepare for the new, we're looking at and talking to people who have made big moves. We're asking for thing's they've learnt and things they wished they'd done (or not done...). Maybe it's just about moving in the right direction (whatever that may be), moving on up in your career, moving on from a bad relationship or just getting your body moving more often - we're here to help you get moving!

We're fan-girling Cynthia Nixon this month as our muse, the Sex and the City actress who's vying for the position of NYC governor this month to move the city in the right direction. We're talking to City Slickers who've made some big moves including one of our team here at RL, Peigi, who's on her way to London. We're crushing on some travel brands and added items to our wish list to make the move easier. And we haven't forgotten to sort you out with a mixtape for travelling and moving.

So strap in, pack up and move on up with us this September at Rug Lane.

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