This month we're crushing on Berlin based, Korean artist Peggy Gou.

Discovering Peggy via her visually pleasing Instagram account, I immediately fell in love with her style and her shared love of electronic music and all things tropical. Through a regular stream of high quality mixes, countless festival appearances and eye popping style, she has begun to create a buzz in the fashion and underground music world. Born in South Korea, 27-year-old Peggy is also a classically-trained musician and a visual artist who moved to London as a teenager. She began DJing in venues like Corsica Studios and producing electronic music when she was a student at the London College of Fashion. At the same time, Peggy was also working in illustration and fashion, contributing to magazines such as Harper's Bazaar as a writer. During this period, she felt like she had to choose between fashion and music to be taken more seriously in either role but with advice from producer friends, she was convinced to do both at the same time.

Peggy’s music sits somewhere between Berlin, London and Detroit in sound, and her sets are a mix of dark techno beats in abstract combinations. Like her music, Peggy’s fashion is not stuck to one genre. Her style is an undefined mish mash of street wear, high fashion, tomboy and femininity, topped off with a body adorned in tattoos and Hollywood glamour hair and makeup. A cool eclectic look she pulls off with style and ease.

With a motto of ‘never regret, always learn’, talks of opening up a festival juice stand, starting her own party, more work in fashion and TV in Korea and after just topping Mix Mags top 5 DJs of 2017 - you are sure to be seeing a lot more of this unique woman in the future.

You can find Peggy on soundcloud here and follow her globetrotting adventure via her Instagram and Tumblr

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