Meet our monthly muse, the globetrotting entrepreneur Katrina Razon - all around business woman with a love of DJing in her spare time.

You might have scrolled Katrina's instagram and stalked her enviable style, but you may not know the woman is business powerhouse. The fashion icon currently splits her time between LA, Bangkok and Manila to juggle her overgrowing portfolio of business ventures. When in LA, Katrina focuses on her investment vehicle, KSR Ventures, which specialises in seed capital funding for start-up companies. She also works on her role as the co-founder and managing partner at Third Culture Music and Media, an experiential marketing and events agency based in Manila and Hong Kong. On top of that, Katrina is the Director of Wonderfruit Festival, a sustainable music and wellness event in Thailand that is growing year by year. And then, some time between all that, she is also a DJ, having been doing so for the past 10+ years going by the name DJ Katsu. Reading her impressive resume, it is no wonder that Katrina was invited to speak at the Forbes' Under 30 Summit in 2017 about 'breaking the glass ceiling alongside trailblazing women'.

"This year marks my 10th anniversary as a DJ. Being a DJ that happens to be a woman who has given me such unique perspectives into the music industry. Although there are many more women entering the electronic dance music space, which has a gruelling gender equality problem, my biggest hope is to see more line-ups that are more inclusive to women," she told Preview last year.

So what's the secret to her success? She shared with Tatler Philippines that her secret is sharing and passing on the good vibes, “I define success as acting upon my true purpose and having a positive impact on the lives around me". Not only does she pass on her good vibes through her music, but also through her style and sustainable practices. She is an avid supporter of sustainable fashion brands such as Byfini which you can see thoughtfully styled on her Instagram. She also promotes sustainable living through practices such as reducing plastic use and directing the eco-friendly festival Wonderfruit that is about to kick off 13 – 16 December in Pattaya, Thailand.

You can find more of Katrina’s looks on her Instagram @katrinarazon

Listen to her music on her soundcloud and find out more about Wonderfruit Festival on their website

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