Looked at the Clockenflap lineup and thought “I don’t know half the bands playing”? Can’t decide who to see on the Sunday evening?

To help make it easy for you, Rug Lane has compiled some killer weekend schedules for the two types of festival punters; one for those keen to see some bands and discover new music, and a shorter, more precise version, for those who know they are planning a HUGE blow out and will walk away happy if they see three bands all weekend.

Both versions have a mixture of dance, mood and rock that’s sure to get you some credit points with the girl or guy you’re trying to impress or so you can casually name drop a band in the office around the water cooler on Monday.

The ‘ I want to see a bunch of bands, discover new music AND hang out with my mates’ Version


Shut down that computer, give your boss the ‘seeya later sucker’ smile and skip on down to the Harbourfront for the start of what is sure to be a cracker weekend.

Friday night is all about gearing up for the weekend. I always like doing the groundwork on the first day of a multi day festival to prepare for the days ahead. First thing’s first, make sure you’ve stopped by an ATM on the way and have cash in hand ready to go. If you can get out of work at a decent hour, I suggest heading in at 7pm, pop some money on your wristband (because it’s a non cash event) and head off to grab that well deserved Friday night beer. Getting your bearings is generally good on the Friday night because then you don’t have so much leg work to do hungover on Saturday and Sunday. Suss out the timetable and map, and form a brief timetable of who you want to see when and where.

Stopping at the FWD Stage at 7:45pm for some BADBADNOTGOOD will be a decent start to the weekend. These Canadian blokes fuse instrumental hip-hop, jazz and electronica and have worked with names like Tyler The Creator, Earl Sweatshirt and Danny Brown.

I’ll admit Sigur Ros isn’t for everyone but if you have any taste in music and aren’t afraid to cry in public, grab that flask of whisky you shoved down your pants (you’ll need something stronger than beer) and head to the front of the Harbourflap Stage at 9pm. You will not want to miss that rush that comes over you when seeing these guys live. It will be visual and loud and you have to just immerse yourself in it. Just let the tears flow dude.

If you know Sigur Ros just aren’t for you and you want to go out on a slightly happier and upbeat note, head to the FWD Stage at 9:15pm for some George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic to get a bit of an old school groove on.


There isn’t a lot in terms of music to see on the Saturday morning which makes it a great time to check out the other stuff Clockenflap has on offer. There is the arts and crafts market, Cinema Silenzio and the food stalls! Festivals these days are just as much about the gourmet food as they are about the arts and music - Clockenflap is no exception.

Cinema Silenzio is an indoor escape from the hustle and bustle of the punters. Every year the festival puts on a programme of films you can watch in the marquee with a personal headset to switch off from what’s going on outside.This year they have The Little Prince, Lo and Behold and KIKI on show, just to name a few.

In terms of the afternoon sets, stop by any of the following for some good tunes. Malaysian gal Yuna will be on at 2pm at the Harbourflap stage followed by Jose Gonzalez at 3:45pm, then French band Grand Blanc at KEF Stage at 4:30pm and New Zealand royalty Fat Freddy’s Drop at 5:15pm back at Harbourflap.

Saturday evening is all about the English invasion. Pumarosa and London Grammar both with their leading ladies are sure to do a great set. Head to KEF Stage at 7PM for Pumarosa and/or 7:15 at Harbourflap for London Grammar.

The one act I vow not to miss on this years line up would have to be Dev Hynes aka Blood Orange. He is bound to impress with his smooth beats and funky sounds at the FWD stage at 8pm.

Queen of everything it seems- rapper, visual artist, photographer, activist, fashion designer, model and mother, M.I.A may be a latecomer to the line up but is sure to bring all the fire she is known to her Clockenflap set - 9:15pm Harbourflap not to be missed.

Now here is the turning point in the rest of your weekend - like one of those choose your own adventure stories, you can choose to make a HUGE night out of this and crawl up to LKF for a 4am finish OR stop only at one or two bars for a night cap before heading home and partying again tomorrow. You decide how your Sunday will plan out.


Feeling a little dusty this morning? Time to get up, grab that Bloody Mary, chuck down a bacon and egg burger (or an Acai bowl if that’s what you’re into...) and head back to Harbourfront for one more day.

If you didn’t discover it yesterday, you’ve got to check out Club Minky today, the festival inside the festival, a ‘velvet-clad performing arts venue where anything can happen’. Theatre, cabaret, comedy, circus and off beat live music performances hand picked from fringe festivals around the world.

For bands today, you can’t go wrong starting with singer-songwriter Lucy Rose at the FWD stage at 3:30pm and straight after stay for synth pop/ electronica sensation Shura at 4:45pm.

Indie rock cult band Yo La Tengo will take to the FWD stage at 6:15pm with a crowd sure to consist of die hard fans and musos who know these guys should be paid the respect they deserve after nearly 30 years in the industry. Their shows are said to be mesmerising and if we're lucky they'll play one of my all time favourite love songs 'Our Way To Fall' and their fantastic cover of 'Friday I’m in Love' by the Cure.

For some, the Sunday night choice between Crystal Castles and Foals might be a hard choice. Having seen both bands myself, I think it’s a no brainer to see Foals at the Harbourflap stage at 7:30pm. Considering Crystal Castles is barely Crystal Castles anymore since the departure of leading lady Alice Glass (read about that here), Foals are the wiser choice. There hasn’t been one time when I’ve seen Foals that I haven’t walked away pumped up and high on life and my heart jumping out of my throat during the live rendition of 'Spanish Sahara'.

9pm on the Sunday night and you may or may not have remembered by now that tomorrow is Monday, and it’s back to the daily grind. You have two options here, equally as upbeat as the other - SBTRKT DJ set or Chemical Brothers live show. Something to give a final send off to Clockenflap 2016. Oh what a year!


The ‘I’m set for a big weekend on the booze and here to hang with my mates. If I see some bands as well that would be a bonus I guess’ Version

So for those of you who know you will barely make it to more than 3 or 4 bands over the weekend, we thought it would be wise to compile a smaller and easier list for you guys to manage. For you guys who aren’t really there for the tunes and more the fun, just please make sure you catch these three acts:

  1. Pumarosa (Saturday 7pm KEF Stage)

  2. Blood Orange (Saturday 8pm FWD Stage)

  3. Foals (Sunday 7:30pm Harbourflap)

Bonus set: If you've done as we've suggested and seen the other three, you're probably over your yearly festival band quota. We think you're the kind of person who might still be pumping on a Sunday night so you can decide whether you want to end on SBTRKT or Chemical Brothers, because let’s be honest, you’re probably pretty far gone at this point and just need some high energy beats to keep you going before the thought of work tomorrow kicks in…


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