Jaye Xavier takes us on a tour through the Thai festival Wonderfruit from the eyes of her analog lens.

The December just passed was my first time going to Wonderfruit, as well as being my first ever experience attending a whole weekend festival in Asia. I have always wanted to go to this mysterious event in Thailand and since Wonderfruit overlapped with my birthday, I took the chance to go as a gift for myself. And it turned out to be well … Wonderful!

I brought along my Canon AE-1 to the festival to capture moments at the same time as practicing my new hobby and was really happy with the results. The Canon AE-1 is one of the most popular cameras of all time, and for very good reason: it is spectacular. The AE-1 has every feature needed for great photos. However, it is not a snapshot camera so, it is challenging to capture the perfect moment. It has been only a few months since I bought this camera and picked up this handy pastime, but it has brought me so much joy already. I used to take photos only of scenery. However, I soon discovered that when there is life involved in the picture, it is much more appealing. Almost like the subject’s vibe is transmitting from the inside of the frame towards the receiver. Now, when picking up my images from the print shop I am even more excited to see what magic I have captured.

When I stepped into the festival grounds at Wonderfruit I was welcomed to a new world sprinkled with beautiful souls everywhere, without an air of pretentiousness amongst the folks I met. From the staff, to the festival goers, to the performers - almost every single person carried a peaceful and chill demeanour. In this wonderland, races, gender and social status were meaningless. We were able to show our real selves, express, share and feel free to let loose with a backdrop of the most perfect sunrises and sunsets. For the four days, this was to be my Wonderfruit family. If this hippy heaven really became a permanent place, imagine, this could be one of the most zen villages in the world. Wellness, sustainability, happy balanced souls, a spiritual community and good tunes... A place without judgement, ignorance, arrogance - only gratitude, admiration and overall great vibes … what else could you ask for?

"Live Love Wonder" is the motto of the festival. So, I ask you to carry on the Wonderfruit ethos, bring your best vibe to the real world and spread the love. Together we can make the world a better place for all.

Namaste xoxo

You can find Jaye and more of her beautiful shots @jayesunnydays

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