For the fashion forward, the feminists, the pop culture enthusiasts, crime addicts and lovers of random facts, here is our list of best podcast to get into for far.

You're either new to the world of podcasts or you've ploughed through our list of 10 Podcasts to Help You Through The Work Week and you're ready for some fresh knowledge and banter straight to your ears. Tune your ears into our latest recommendations.

Fashion Forward

The Glossy Podcast - Fashuun darling! If you're into more than just the clothes on the racks and want to hear about what makes the industry tick, the technology behind the fashion, the trends (more than just whatever florals are back for spring) the Glossy Podcast is for you.

Pop Fashion - Fashion stylist Kaarin Vembar and former vintage-store owner Lisa Rowan chat business, creativity and the fashion industry in their podcast.

Your Inner and Outer Feminist

Pardon My French - So frenchy, so chic. French elegance with a touch of naivety, Garance Dore is the woman you would love to spend your Friday nights with having a glass of wine and discussing all things social, cultural, life and love. Hailing from the small island of Corsica, she has been blogging for years and started her podcast talking to interesting women (many celebrities) on, as she puts in her lovely accent, “just about anything”.

The Call with Erica Williams Simon - Man Repeller have been doing their Oh Boy podcast with Jay Buim for a while (see 10 Podcasts to Help You Through The Work Week), where Jay chats with inspirational women about their journeys. They have just released their latest series, The Call, with a similar set up where Erica Williams Simon talks woman to woman - covering all things career, their call to life, love and passions.

Music To Your Ears

Loud and Quiet Presents: Midnight Chats - These guys filled a market in the musical podcast sphere. Loud and Quiet, a publication from the U.K, started their midnight chat series early last year, chatting to musicians about everything from new albums, to tours, and finding out more about the people behind the music late at night (hence the name). Uninterrupted late night chats with musicians you love and some you’ve never heard of before - bringing them to the limelight for you.

The Ep: 13 Songs That Capture Our Moment - a few weeks ago the NY Times published their second annual music issue in the NY Times Magazine featuring 25 songs That Tell Us Where Music Is Going. Although the list of songs is questionable at times in terms of where music is going, the music critique is superb and the podcast to match goes down well.

Pop Kultcha

Bang On - This podcast couldn't be more appropriately titled. Two of my favourite female presenters banging on about all things social, pop culture and the sorts - it's bang on brilliant. Myf Warhurst and Zan Rowe can make you laugh, cringe and feel invigorated all within their 30 min weekly podcast.

The VICE Magazine Podcast - Known to have their fingers in many a pop culture pies, VICE Magazine have just released their new podcast series. As they put it, it's their "definitive monthly guide to enlightening information".

Closet True Detective

Untold Murder: The Daniel Morgan Murder - for the Serial lovers out there and those that can't get enough of all those CSI shows - this one's for you. The title describes it all. On a side note, the creators of Serial and This American Life have a new highly anticipated show called S-Town, to be released on March 28.

Missing Richard Simmons - I have two mindsets on this podcast - part of me was fascinated by the story and the man it’s all about. I got right into the weekly episodes, finding out what happened to this Richard Simmons guy then all of a sudden it kind of all stopped - it finished much sooner than I thought it would. If you’re after a short investigation podcast, this is for you. Can’t give away the somewhat disappointing ending.